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Painful Heel Spurs?

Conventional treatments not enough?

Radiation therapy has been used for more than sixty years because of its known anti-inflammatory effect. Patients with refractory Plantar Fasciitis should consider radiation therapy to improve their quality of life when conventional methods have not been enough. Extensive studies have demonstrated that 6 painless treatments offer an effective therapy for patients.

At Tacoma Valley Radiation Oncology Centers we offer the most advanced treatment planning and radiation therapy services.

When it comes to patient care, trust is essential. Trust in us.

Read what Tacoma/Valley Radiation Oncology patients are saying:

Everyone was super – keep up the great support! What a professional, caring team. As a team and medical “family” we faced treatment together with humor, efficiency and hope.

Elizabeth L. (St. Joseph – 06/12)

Five days a week for seven weeks seemed so daunting, but it went by quickly! All the staff was so positive and respectful. Except for minor skin problems, my treatment was a pleasant experience. Thank you.

Karen J. (Jackson Hall – 08/12)

The staff all treated me with dignity and concern. They always had a smile on their faces.

Cheryl Ann R. (Puyallup – 07/11/12)

My time was pleasant and I was overwhelmed by the respect and compassion shown to me.

Terry W. (Jackson Hall – 08/12)

I was impressed. I was treated with compassion, respect, confidentiality and had complete satisfaction. Thank you for being flexible with my schedule. Keep up the good work. You guys are awesome!

Sylviana P. (St. Joseph – 08/12)

It means a lot for the staff to be so helpful and kind at a time when you need it.

Margaret A. (Gig Harbor – 08/12)