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What Our Patients Say

I am pleased with the whole staff! They were always pleasant and concerned. Thank you to all!
Shelly B. (Gig Harbor – 04/19)
The staff overall was terrific!
Brad K. (St. Joseph – 04/19)
They care. I am going to miss going.
Thomas U. (St. Joseph – 04/19)
Everyone was very kind, caring and professional. I have only positive feedback.
Susan M. (Jackson Hall – 04/19)
Everyone was so wonderful and caring.
Tami C. (St. Joseph – 04/19)
My experience was the most pleasant given the diagnosis.
Clive A. (Gig Harbor – 04/19)
Outstanding "first face" contact with Jo! Dr. Pittier's nutrition advice was invaluable as well as her radiation therapy knowledge and care. All technicians were very competent and caring.
Linda F. (Jackson Hall – 04/19)
I could not have made it through without everyone there.
Barbara L. (Puyallup – 04/19)
Everyone and all of the treatment was excellent.
Thomas K. (St. Joseph – 04/19)
When I saw Dr. Bittner prior to my treatments, he was so informative, caring and patient. He graciously answered all of my questions.
Linda H. (Puyallup – 04/19)
Everyone was so welcoming and kind. The best care that I have received through this whole process. Very caring and kind team of individuals. Thank you so much!
Molly H. (Jackson Hall – 04/19)
Thank you for being so kind.
Allen G. (Puyallup – 04/19)
I could not have asked for any better treatment than I received from your professional staff.
John H. (St. Joseph – 04/19)
Thank you all so very much for everything!
Victor C. (St. Joseph – 04/19)
My care team was the very best - very compassionate.
Cheryl Y. (Puyallup – 04/19)
When I was told that I would have a treatment everyday for six weeks, I was overwhelmed. But the kindness of all the staff actually made every day fly by!
Leslie W. (Gig Harbor – 04/19)
Thank you for making this journey one filled with anticipation, not fear.
Paul G. (Gig Harbor – 04/19)
Everyone treated me like family.
Christine P. (Puyallup – 04/19)
I was treated with warmth, compassion and understanding - always with a smile. I felt cared for at all times.
Kathleen V. (Jackson Hall – 04/19)
Excellent care. So thankful for all of you.
Arlene S. (Puyallup – 04/19)
I thought the staff was outstanding.
Gerald S. (St. Joseph – 03/19)
Awesome staff!
Debbie S. (Gig Harbor – 03/19)
The staff was professional yet so caring and friendly. They were amazing!
Janis H. (Gig Harbor – 03/19)
All the staff was excellent.
Barbara H. (Puyallup – 03/19)
By far the best staff I've ever encountered.
Toni H. (Jackson Hall – 03/19)
I was very pleased with your services, especially the greetings at the front desk.
Archelle R. (Jackson Hall – 3/19)
Your staff is great.
Liz A. (Jackson Hall – 3/19)
They are great!
Emma S. (Puyallup – 3/19)
Thank you for such good care.
Charlotte M. (Puyallup – 3/19)
Great staff, very friendly, informative and comforting/caring.
Diana K. (Puyallup – 03/19)
The whole staff was very respectful, friendly and treated us great.
David O. (Puyallup – 03/19)
For the past five weeks, the staff at Gig Harbor made me forget I have cancer - such a caring staff!
Anthony C. (Puyallup – 03/19)
Very professional staff, great care and treatment. Nora was great!
William B. (Gig Harbor – 03/19)
The staff was excellent! What nice ladies. Thank you so much.
Gaye Lynn N. (Jackson Hall – 01/19)
Excellent, caring staff and doctors.
James K. (St. Joseph – 01/19)
The staff was always very kind to me.
Donna T. (St. Joseph – 01/19)
I have nothing but things to say about Tacoma Radiation Oncology.
Darrell S. (Gig Harbor – 01/19)
Very professional staff at all times.
Jerome A. (Gig Harbor – 01/19)
While a cancer diagnosis is terrifying, these people made me so comfortable. They were kind, caring and awesome!
Linda S. (Jackson Hall – 01/19)
Please keep the good work up. We need caring people like you. Thank you!
Willie F. (Jackson Hall – 01/19)
I felt cared for. Everyone was very positive, supportive and attentive. They were patient with my questions and answered in terms that I could understand.
Norma T. (Puyallup – 01/19)
You couldn't ask for or receive better care. Thank you!
Kevin B. (Puyallup – 01/19)
My nurse, Rebecca, helped beyond her duty.
Sharon P. (Puyallup – 01/19)
I cannot imagine kinder, more compassionate care. Thank you so much.
Karen B. (Gig Harbor – 12/18)
They were great!
Thomas M. (Gig Harbor – 12/18)
My most sincere thanks and appreciation to the entire cancer therapy staff for the courteous and professional treatment received during my seven weeks of treatment. Your interest and attention to my concerns is a tribute to the Peninsula Radiation Oncology Center in Gig Harbor.
Jesse G. (Gig Harbor – 12/18)
They always called me to see how I was doing which I loved.
Dennis S. (St. Joseph – 12/18)
The staff was so kind to me. I was very relaxed during treatment - even enjoyed them.
Winfred B. (St. Joseph – 12/18)
Grace and Jordan were exceptionally helpful and comforting during my weeks of treatment.
John M. (Puyallup – 12/18)
Everyone was great! Made my treatment very easy to go through. Thanks to all of you.
Lynette R. (Puyallup – 12/18)
Thank you everyone for your positive and welcoming care and smiles every day. So much appreciated!
Sandra M. (Puyallup – 12/18)
You were all great!
Maureen B. (Jackson Hall – 12/18)
A very kind and caring staff.
Marianne S. (Jackson Hall – 12/18)
Whilst my procedure was uncomfortable, the entire staff made it bearable and calming.
Donna P. (Jackson Hall – 12/18)
The team at Jackson Hall Radiation Center went beyond the call to make a challenging treatment a pleasant experience. Dr. Pittier's attention to healthy nutrition is unparallel anywhere in Tacoma.
Tamara W. (Jackson Hall – 12/18)
I couldn't have asked for more kind and caring technologists. You all made my experience a delight!
Heather M. (Jackson Hall – 12/18)
Wonderful, caring ladies. It made the time go by quickly.
Mary Anne N. (Jackson Hall – 12/18)
Everyone is so positive, kind and helpful which made my treatment smooth sailing. Great Crew!
Zelma S. (Jackson Hall – 12/18)
The treatment and nursing staff treated me like family.
Douglas S. (St. Joseph – 10/18)
The treatment techs are above amazing! They are so supportive, kind and willing to help in any way they can. Love them all.
Dawn S. (Puyallup – 10/18)
Everybody was awesome! They made a difference because of what I was going through.
Debbie D. (Puyallup – 10/18)
Your staff made it an enjoyable experience.
Norman W. (Puyallup – 10/18)
The radiation team is super.
Mary N. (Puyallup – 10/18)
I could not have been treated any better. Everyone was delightful and upbeat.
Mary Lou L. (Jackson Hall – 10/18)
The staff was extremely friendly and very pleasant. I was made to feel at ease with every visit.
Melba B. (Gig Harbor – 10/18)
You all are the BEST!
Edelyn K. (Gig Harbor – 10/18)
The staff was great and I enjoyed interacting with the other patients.
Lois E. (Puyallup – 10/18)
Everyone was wonderful!
Edna A. (Gig Harbor – 10/18)
This Center and staff made it easy to go every day. I was sad but glad to leave.
Ruthann B. (Gig Harbor – 10/18)
Excellent relationship builders - Julia, Nicole and Teresa were wonderful!
Katy T. (Gig Harbor – 10/18)
Grace and Jordan made a difficult time easier - Great Staff!
Daniel I. (Puyallup – 10/18)
I felt comfortable and confident with the support of everyone. I felt part of a very good team.
Carolyn B. (Gig Harbor 09/18)
The staff is the best part of the treatment. They went above and beyond to help me.
Kathi S. (Gig Harbor 09/18)
A great team! Caring and attentive.
John G. (Gig Harbor 09/18)
Everyone is wonderful including the entire staff!
Deanna S. (Gig Harbor 09/18)
Everybody was so great to me. They showed me total compassion for my situation. Thank you!
Catherine J. (Gig Harbor 09/18)
Outstanding team!
Joe Anna G. (Jackson Hall 09/18)
I was treated with the best of care.
Lee W. (Jackson Hall 09/18)
Dr. Tran, Dr. Pittier, and staff are unbelievable - so caring and compassionate. Despite my cancer, it has been an uplifting experience. Thank you!
Diana P. (Jackson Hall – 09/18)
A good team who strives to do their very best for patients!
Toni G. (Jackson Hall 09/18)
The staff was very compassionate and polite. They answered all my questions and gave helpful advice.
Lois S. (St. Joseph 09/18)
The staff made my treatments as pleasant as possible.
Lynn H. (St. Joseph 09/18)
You all were excellent!
Jackie D. (St. Joseph 09/18)
It was a great experience. Personally I loved the staff.
George H. (St. Joseph 09/18)
Everybody was great!
Sandra T. (St. Joseph 09/18)
Great place to go for treatment!
Linda D. (St. Joseph 09/18)
All staff was so kind and wonderful. Thank you!
Jackie S. (Puyallup 9/18)
Of all the treatment and health facilities I have been to, this one is the best by far.
Phil H. (Puyallup 09/18)
The staff was excellent and made treatment relaxing. They took your mind off why you were there.
Bobby C. (Puyallup 9/18)
I was treated with the most utmost respect and care by all staff.
Christine K. (Puyallup 9/18)
The technologists were outstanding, competent, attentive and friendly.
Ron E. (Gig Harbor – 08/18)
Everyone was great and appreciated. The doctor, nurse, receptionist and technology staff were all attentive, respectful, and compassionate with my care.
Katherine P. (Gig Harbor – 08/18)
Thanks to a great team.
Ernest W. (Gig Harbor – 08/18)
The care, kindness and comfort I was given was a true blessing to me during this difficult journey in my life.
Sharon S. (Gig Harbor – 08/18)
The staff was so wonderful. Such a friendly and efficient medical process.
Steven B. (Gig Harbor – 08/18)
The staff is warm, caring, professional and positive support during my treatment! Thank you so much.
Shannon T. (Gig Harbor – 08/18)
You are perfect! I felt a spirit of love and genuine cheer and kindness.
Kathryn S. (Jackson Hall – 08/18)
Wonderful staff!
Britta R. (Puyallup – 08/18)
Laura did an outstanding job helping with my burn care.
Cathy L. (Puyallup – 08/18)
You are amazing!
Anthony M. (Puyallup – 06/18)
Such a compassionate and great team. I forgot that I had cancer while I was there. Thanks for making me feel normal.
Kathie K. (Puyallup – 06/18)
The care was super and staff fabulous.
Delores W. (Puyallup – 06/18)
The staff made me feel comfortable, relaxed and well attended.
Geraldine S. (Puyallup – 06/18)
Everything was great!
Nancy W. (St. Joseph – 06/18)
Very good team! Could not have asked for better.
Brian M. (Jackson Hall – 06/18)
Great staff, facility and very caring and comprehensive treatment all around!
Constance T. (Gig Harbor – 06/18)
The folks that gave radiation were just great.
Fred S. (Gig Harbor – 06/18)
Each member of the staff was professional, comforting and caring. I felt seen and comfortable.
Katheryn R. (Jackson Hall – 05/18)
I loved my entire treatment team.
Patricia C. (Jackson Hall – 05/18)
I am very impressed by the care I received and the professional staff.
Diane J. (Jackson Hall – 05/18)
They have such a friendly and caring staff. Jo especially makes you feel welcome when you are down.
Caroline K. (Jackson Hall – 05/18)
I felt that they were just there to take the best care of me. They are truly the best at what they do.
Moses A. (Puyallup – 05/18)
Awesome doctors and staff!
William S. (Puyallup – 05/18)
The staff and doctors were all excellent.
Michael M. (Puyallup – 05/18)
Cancer and radiation is very scary. The technologists really cared about me and did whatever they could to ensure that I was safe.
Lori P. (Puyallup – 05/18)
I was treated very well by every person I spoke to. It made a difficult situation easier.
Randi C. (Gig Harbor – 05/18)
Your entire staff was fabulous!
Carol H. (Gig Harbor – 05/18)
The staff, from the front door on, was the best - very professional.
Claudia W. (Jackson Hall – 04/18)
You guys were so kind.
Robert M. (Jackson Hall – 04/18)
Everyone was a pleasure to deal with. Special kudos to Dana and Danielle.
Vernon H. (Jackson Hall – 04/18)
They made a difficult diagnosis bearable with giving answers to questions and excellent care.
Dorothy B. (Jackson Hall – 04/18)
If you have to have radiation, this is the place to go. Everyone was wonderful.
Jill S. (Gig Harbor – 04/18)
All staff made me feel like I was the most important person there.
Marla L. (Gig Harbor – 04/18)
Very considerate and helpful people to work with for treatment.
Fred P. (Gig Harbor – 04/18)
The entire staff was incredible.
Cynthia S. (Gig Harbor – 04/18)
Great people! I love you guys.
Lynn B. (Gig Harbor – 04/18)
Everyone was wonderful and made a scary experience easier.
Rosalie H. (Gig Harbor – 04/18)
I was handled with the greatest of care. Concern for my well-being was always a top priority. The staff and doctors are amazing.
Dianne K. (Gig Harbor – 04/18)
Everyone here is wonderful and makes you feel calm. You know you are in good hands.
Denise D. (Puyallup – 04/18)
This is not a place people want to be, but they treated me like family - so warm and welcoming. Every person on staff was friendly and kind. I appreciate them all.
Daniele H. (Puyallup – 04/18)
I was given excellent care and service.
Gary F. (Puyallup – 04/18)
All people are excellent!
Frank H. (Puyallup – 04/18)
Thank you all for making this experience so easy, comfortable and friendly.
Karen S. (Puyallup – 04/18)
Excellent staff - awesome experience - caring people.
Linda J. (Puyallup – 04/18)
What a pleasant journey we had. God bless the staff. They are special people.
George L. (Puyallup – 04/18)
The entire staff was awesome.
Terrance G. (Puyallup – 04/18)
Everyone was so nice.
Ann K. (St. Joseph – 04/18)
A fantastic caring staff that joined together seamlessly for the patients.
Elizabeth G. (St. Joseph 4/18)
They were all very professional and caring!
Judy N. (Jackson Hall – 03/18)
Everyone was outstanding!
Leo G. (Jackson Hall – 03/18)
Wonderful people who seem to be very compassionate.
James G. (Puyallup – 03/18)
My radiation team rocked! They helped make it through just fine.
Cheryle M. (Puyallup – 03/18)
There is no way you can improve this team. They are the most caring and professional team I have ever seen.
Billy P. (Puyallup – 03/18)
All staff was excellent, attentive and courteous. Thanks so much!
Freddy G. (St. Joseph – 03/18)
Amazing experience and so many kind and helpful people.
Cindy J. (Gig Harbor – 03/18)
I was totally impressed with your staff especially Sam and Nicole - so kind, intelligent and helpful - loved them!
Michelle T. (Jackson Hall – 03/18)
I really appreciated the kindness of the radiation technologists. Thank you! The front office staff was very pleasant.
Tovah S. (Jackson Hall – 03/18)
The technicians were great and made sure I was as comfortable as possible.
Lynette O. (Puyallup – 03/18)
A huge thank you to Dr. Mastras, Julia, Nicole, Theresa, Kurt and Nora for exemplary care. Their compassion, understanding and explanation of treatment was top notch!
Sharon W. (Gig Harbor – 03/18)
Dr. Pittier was an angel. She helped me lose weight and be able to live with my decisions. This clinic had the greatest people anywhere. I would recommend them to anyone going through this! Thanks to all. Bless You.
Ann L. (Jackson Hall – 3/18)
The staff made a difficult time easier.
Alta G. (02/18 – Gig Harbor)
Exceptional care and compassion!
Christine P. (02/18 – Gig Harbor)
They always acted so happy to see me EACH time I was treated, which made me feel good and made coming there easier.
Linda L. (02/18 – Puyallup)
Your staff was such a joy. I looked forward to treatments.
John B. (02/18 – Puyallup)
The doctors and staff at Gig Harbor are absolutely wonderful! Cant' say enough good stuff.
Randal I. (02/18 – Gig Harbor)
Dr. Mastras, Nora, Kirk, Theresa, Nicole, and Julia should all get pay raises! Excellent staff.
Robert P. (02/18 – Gig Harbor)
When my ride arrangements had problems, they were more than accommodating.
Patricia S. (02/18 – Puyallup)
Your team members were very compassionate. I am grateful to have had the privilege of walking this path on my journey with each and everyone of you. God Bless.
Kelley H. (02/18 – St. Joseph)
I will recommend you to all my friends. Everyone was caring and supportive.
Mary Ann Y. (02/18 – Puyallup)
I told the staff that I felt out of control and that they were my angels to help me control things. They were great.
Frank B. (02/18 – Puyallup)
Deepest gratitude for the compassionate attention to my health and dealing with my life-changing experience.
Nancye T. (02/18 – Jackson Hall)
The ladies are absolutely fantastic. I will miss seeing them.
Dawn T. (02/18 – Puyallup)
Can't say enough good - they are the BEST!
Malcolm M. (02/18 – Puyallup)
Everyone was very nice and made my treatments easy.
Heather C. (02/18 – Jackson Hall)
Every staff member was so helpful, caring and radiated such positive attitudes that I grew to look forward to my daily visits and felt sad on the late day of treatment.
Mary O (02/18 – Jackson Hall)
Everyone there was so nice and helpful! I am going to miss everyone.
Shannon M. (02/18 – Puyallup)
The technologists were the best. Always engaging me in conversation to help make me feel comfortable and make me laugh.
Lynette M. (02/18 – Gig Harbor)
The radiation team was fabulous! They helped me feel comfortable even when I felt overwhelmed.
Kimberly W. (02/18 – Gig Harbor)
Thanks to all of the great people at this clinic who treated me so well.
Robert A. (02/18 – Puyallup)
I had very good care. Everyone always seemed attentive to my questions. I would recommend this clinic to anyone who made their services.
Janis C. (02/18 – Puyallup)
Wonderful staff! Professional, caring and considerate - I feel fortunate to have chosen this facility.
Rhein E. (02/18 – Gig Harbor)
Your staff is incredible! They are very good at what they do. I was blessed to be treated by them.
Dionne W. (02/18 – Puyallup)
Theresa, Nicole, Kirk and Nora were awesome. They were cheerful, kind and very efficient. Best of the BEST!
Bonnie G. (02/18 – Gig Harbor)
The staff was very accommodating of my work schedule and very friendly.
Jennifer B. (02/18 – Puyallup)
The techs are the BEST!
Linnea S. (02/18 – Puyallup)
The technicians were helpful and courteous. They answered my questions and provided help for me to get off the table.
Terry H. (02/18 – Gig Harbor)
Great team - caring and professional!
Patrick T. (02/18 – Gig Harbor)
Everyone made our visits comfortable and treated us with care and respect.
Earl S. (02/18 – Puyallup)
Everyone was so caring during my radiation treatment. It was so appreciated during a rough time.
Rose L. (02/18 – Puyallup)
The staff was absolutely perfect!
Joan R. (02/18 – Jackson Hall)
They took very good care of me. Thank you.
Patricia B. (02/18 – Gig Harbor
Very sweet and nice staff and doctors.
Pam E. (02/18 – Puyallup)
Your staff is exceptional!
John L. (02/18 – Jackson Hall)
All the staff is kind and helpful.
Mona V. (02/18 – Jackson Hall)
The entire staff made an unpleasant procedure tolerable.
Jack C. (02/18 – Jackson Hall)
The best office that I've been to for treatment.
Sue R. (02/18 – St. Joseph)
Staffed with loving, caring people. I can't thank you enough.
Gerald P. (02/18 – Puyallup)
It was the best I could have received the whole eight weeks. Thank you.
Keith B. (02/18 – Gig Harbor)
Everything went very well for me. Thank you all. I love you.
Joanne G. (Gig Harbor – 12/17)
All the technologists were just great. They made my treatment doable.
Wendolyn H. (Gig Harbor – 12/17)
The doctor, nursing staff, technologists and office staff are all exceptional. Thank you so much.
Leah M. (Puyallup – 12/17)
The staff is amazing!
Elaine P. (Puyallup – 12/17)
I appreciated the positive attitudes of everyone caring for me.
Barbara O. (Jackson Hall – 12/17)
Treatment by all staff members was phenomenal.
Nancy B. (Jackson Hall – 12/17)
Outstanding treatment! I am going to miss seeing them.
J.H. (Jackson Hall – 12/17)
For nine weeks, I had a new family. Although my husband, George, had the radiation, I looked forward to be there as well. All of the staff was wonderful. Millie
George N. (St. Joseph – 12/17)
A friendly and caring staff.
Joseph C. (Puyallup – 12/17)
Everyone was exceptional!
Ellen S. (Gig Harbor – 12/17)
Wonderful staff!
John B. (Gig Harbor – 12/17)
My daughter, who took me to all of my treatment appointments, was treated very well while waiting for me. Thank you.
Maryann V. (Jackson Hall – 12/17)
Everyone always had big smiles and I always felt better after seeing them.
Kathleen P. (St Joseph – 12/17)
You can't improve on perfection. An amazing staff!
Rob G. (Puyallup – 12/17)
The doctor, nursing staff, and technologists are the best in the business. I love the way I interacted with them all.
Felita S. (Jackson Hall – 12/17)
The staff made my treatment pleasant. They made my days brighter!
Sumee C. (St Joseph – 12/17)
Thank you for helping to make my healing a huge success!! Great Team!
Jo Ann P. (St Joseph – 12/17)
Everyone from the receptionists to the technologists made me feel like family. They were the best support group anyone could ever ask for. I just loved them.
Angela S. (Puyallup – 12/17)
I was very pleased with my treatment. They were respectful of my dignity and privacy.
Deborah S. (Gig Harbor – 12/17)
So loving, caring and attentive - I felt like I was a special part of the family and they were all rooting for me. Thank you!
Arlene S. (Gig Harbor – 12/17)
Wonderful kindness shown by all.
Cathy W. (Puyallup – 12/17)
Wonderful staff! Always made me feel comfortable and made my experience more tolerable.
Stephanie M. (Puyallup 12/17)
Everyone was wonderful! Thank you for the compassionate care.
Sheryl C. (Puyallup – 12/17)
You were perfect!
Sharon C. (St Joseph – 12/17)
The staff at this office is absolutely wonderful!
Kaari K. (Gig Harbor 11/17)
All of the staff was wonderful!
Debra C. (Gig Harbor 11/17)
All personnel made it so much easier to come for treatment. This was such a friendly place.
Larry G. (Puyallup 11/17)
Everyone was patient and kind. The staff truly cared about me.
Mary B. (Jackson Hall 11/17)
I enjoyed coming in daily. It made my experience very pleasant.
Randy S. (St. Joseph 11/17)
Each person was outstanding.
Robert D. (Puyallup 11/17)
I could not have had a better team to work with! Jo and Selena helped also with our insurance problems.
Mary M. (Jackson Hall 11/17)
The whole team from start to finish was awesome. I appreciated the great care.
Carol Q. (Jackson Hall 11/17)
Thanks to the whole team in radiation therapy.
Annalee M. (Gig Harbor 11/17)
You were great!
Sharon K. (St Joseph 11/17)
You folks are phenomenal - seriously! This is a well-run company and it shows.
Barbara C. (Puyallup 11/17)
A very caring group of people!
Harry D. (Puyallup 11/17)
All the staff was kind, caring, compassionate and positive - truly wonderful.
Gail O. (Puyallup 11/17)
My experience was an excellent one each and every day.
Pamela L. (Puyallup 11/17)
The staff from Jo the receptionist to the doctors, nurses, and technicians were excellent.
Wayne P. (Jackson Hall 11/17)
Very compassionate and professional. They have respect for everyone.
Erlinda H. (Jackson Hall 11/17)
Everyone was awesome. Very kind and compassionate. They made an unpleasant experience as bearable as possible!
Sandra F. (Jackson Hall 11/17)
It takes a special staff to work in this field. God put you all here for a reason to help people with their cancer. Thank you so much. You are all special God Bless all of you.
Keith A. (Jackson Hall 11/17)
It has been a long road in my cancer journey. When I met Dr. Pittier, I felt like I finally had my own cancer doctor. Thank you.
Erin H. (Jackson Hall 11/17)
The treatment techs are the most compassionate and caring people!
Susan B. (Puyallup 11/17)
You are a professional yet kind and compassionate medical treatment facility.
Mark B. (Puyallup 11/17)
The staff was very informative. I felt very comfortable in your care. Thank you.
Elmer W. (Jackson Hall 11/17)
My entire experience was very positive and pleasant. All the people were so helpful and friendly.
Jean F. (Jackson Hall 11/17)
I enjoyed all of the technologists in radiation - a nice group of people. Upon my request to change appointment times twice, the technologists changed my times without question.
Carol W. (Gig Harbor 11/17)
Superb care and caring!
Steve R. (Jackson Hall 11/17)
The staff was very accommodating. Sometimes I was late and sometimes I was early, but they always took me right in.
Ron H. (St Joseph 11/17)
Best wishes and thanks to your wonderful staff.
Hazel W. (Gig Harbor 11/17)
A thoroughly great experience!
Blaine W. (Puyallup 11/17)
My treatment went so smoothly and I never felt any apprehension about my treatment.
Debra O. (Puyallup 11/17)
The staff was friendly and informative.
Phetsamai J. (Puyallup 11/17)
My husband passed away the day before I started treatment. The staff was so compassionate.
Linda A. (Gig Harbor 11/17)
Sam was a great support to me all week!
Patricia S. (St. Joseph – 09/17)
These folks are fantastic. I couldn't have asked for better. Thank you all.
Dave R. (St. Joseph – 09/17)
I cannot say enough good about everyone. They are all exceptional in every way. Thank you for making this journey so positive and bearable. They are all angels.
Bernie M. (Jackson Hall – 09/17)
You made this journey of mine very easy for me. I couldn't have done it without you.
Loretta P. (Puyallup – 09/17)
All of the staff was very attentive and considerate. Thank you for making my treatment bearable.
James S. (Gig Harbor – 09/17)
The staff is wonderful. They made me feel safe and at ease in my difficult time of life.
Damaris B. (St. Joseph – 09/17)
Everyone was amazing. I could not ask for any better care. The girls were so friendly and certainly knew their stuff.
Arlene S. (Puyallup – 09/17)
All of your staff is so caring and compassionate. You have hired the "cream of the crop!"
Margie H. (Puyallup – 09/17)
My techs - Lorna, Emily and Andrew were fantastic. I am a retired OR tech. They made a frightful treatment comfortable.
Patricia P. (Puyallup – 09/17)
I was very impressed with the staff's professionalism and caring hearts!
Jane M. (Jackson Hall – 09/17)
Perfect care!
Shirley R. (Puyallup – 2017)
The people were great!
Gerald G. (Puyallup – 09/17)
Lots of help and information was made available to me. Everyone was compassionate, caring and friendly. They took such good care of me.
Kathy B. (Gig Harbor – 09/17)
Dr. Pittier has an excellent support team. Special thanks to Sam, Michelle and Selena.
Virginia M. (Jackson Hall – 09/17)
Jackie B. (Puyallup – 09/17)
You guys are excellent. Thank you.
Mel O. (Gig Harbor – 09/17)
Outstanding staff!
Mable A. (Puyallup 09/17)
Loved my experience considering the circumstances.
Lesta W. (Puyallup – 9/17)
Wonderful staff!
Dave B. (Puyallup – 09/17)
Very kind, compassionate staff from front office to therapists.
Betty I. (Puyallup – 9/17)
I highly recommend Tacoma Valley Radiation Centers. They are very kind and caring and went out of their way to make me comfortable.
Annette (09/2017 – Jackson Hall)
During a difficulty and at first scary situation, the staff was always helpful, friendly and professional.
Diane (09/2017 – Jackson Hall)
Everyone was so friendly and helpful - thank you all.
Joanne (09/2017 – Jackson Hall)
My treatment was done professionally and respectfully. I was glad that I went with you for my second round of cancer.
John (09/2017 – Gig Harbor)
The staff was courteous, professional, kind, and respectful of my needs.
Wade (09/2017 – Gig Harbor)
An excellent group of staff working well together. I was very impressed with the ways I was cared for and the friendliness of the staff.
Christa (09/2017 – Jackson Hall)
I just want to say thank you all for being so supportive and making me feel so comfortable throughout my radiation therapy.
Phil (09/2017 – Gig Harbor)
I love you guys! You made radiation much easier for me.
Vikki (09/2017 – St. Joseph)
Everyone there was great! You could not ask for a nicer bunch of people.
Patricia (09/2017 – Puyallup)
Staff was extremely caring and compassionate to my weakness when I came in. They were all very helpful to my needs. Thank you to all the staff. Keep up the loving, caring people you are!
Debra (09/2017 – Puyallup)
Wonderful staff and tech's. I enjoyed my radiation tech's the best!
Danny (09/2017 – Puyallup)
Great team and staff!
Debra (09/2017 – Puyallup)
They were kind and compassionate. I will truly miss seeing them on a regular basis. I will miss the other "survivors" too.
Cheri (09/2017 – Puyallup)
Very impressed with the staff! - so friendly, knowledgeable and compassionate.
Mary Anne (09/2017 – Jackson Hall)
Everyone on the radiation team was just wonderful! - Dr. Mastras, Kirk, Theresa, Nora, Nicole, and Julia.
Heather (09/2017 – Gig Harbor)
Staff was great! Very caring at a time when you need compassion.
Sharon (09/2017 – Puyallup)
I had a non-stressful, positive experience.
Evelyn (09/2017 – Gig Harbor)
All staff was fantastic - I felt like I was leaving friends on my last treatment day.
Molly (09/2017 – Jackson Hall)
A "BIG" thank you to all of the staff! Keep up the great work.
Athena (09/2017 – Puyallup)
Wonderful employees!
Karen (09/2017 – Gig Harbor)
Your staff is great!
Cheryl (09/2017 – Jackson Hall)
The staff was wonderful - they knew what to do and were very helpful.
Glenn (09/2017 – Gig Harbor)
Amazing team - they made a difficult treatment as comfortable and pleasant as possible.
Nancy (09/2017 – Puyallup)
Wonderful team and great staff!
Sheri Lynn (09/2017 – Gig Harbor)
The entire staff made this a less scary procedure. Very friendly and made me feel comfortable. Their professional staff saw to every detail.
Mary Lou H. (Jackson Hall – 07/17)
Your staff made this part of my journey very easy. I appreciated being greeted by the same friendly face every day.
Jan S. (St Joseph – 07/17)
Everybody was GREAT!
Dennis S. (St Joseph – 07/17)
I found all the staff cared about my personal concerns - very genuine. I'm grateful!
William W. (St Joseph – 07/17)
I appreciated all the staff and their quality of care.
Sharon G. (St Joseph – 07/17)
The staff was great - they put you at ease.
Art W. (St Joseph – 07/17)
The nicest people you could hope for!
Douglas M. (St Joseph – 07/17)
All your staff was so pleasant, caring, and compassionate. My treatments were painless. Thank you!
Margie H. (Puyallup – 07/17)
All staff was excellent with caring and professional attitudes.
Steven L. (Puyallup – 07/17)
I always felt safe and cared for. The best of professionalism mixed with empathy was displayed by all the staff.
Ola L. (Puyallup – 07/17)
We are so thankful for the kindness and compassion of all the staff.
Beverly K. (Puyallup – 07/17)
Very good care and support!
Donna E. (Puyallup – 07/17)
Great job everyone! Thank you Lorena and Emily for taking such great care of me.
Laura C. (Puyallup 07/17)
My second trip in four years for treatment and still wonderful!
Garry N. (Puyallup – 07/17)
The technologists were incredibly caring - especially Jake. They made my time during treatment more tolerable. Thank you!.
Nancy M. (Puyallup – 07/17)
Everyone was very caring and kind.
Sharon P. (Gig Harbor – 06/17)
Dr. Pittier was a fantastic doctor. All of the staff made my radiation experience a breeze.
Janice S. (Jackson Hall – 06/17)
Thank you for helping me!
Michael N. (St. Joseph – 06/17)
The staff made a bad situation tolerable, comfortable and most of all HOPEFUL!
Margot A. (Puyallup – 06/17)
Thank you all!
Stacie F. (Jackson Hall – 06/17)
Jo at the front desk is so pleasant. Don't ever lose her!
Marita M. (Jackson Hall – 06/17)
Love your staff.
Shelley D. (Puyallup – 06/17)
A cancer diagnosis is frightening. All of the staff at the Gig Harbor office were confident and caring which gave me reassurance.
Janey A. (Gig Harbor – 06/17)
I was treated by Dr. Gao. She and her staff were awesome. I am so thankful for all that they did for me.
Christine N. (Puyallup – 06/17)
Dr. Wendy Gao and the entire staff were absolutely awesome - kindhearted people who made me completely comfortable with my treatment!
Arian H. (Puyallup – 06/17)
Your staff is outstanding!
Melanie O. (Gig Harbor – 06/17)
Everyone was as nice as they could be. The two Debbies were over and above - from coffee and cookies every day to getting a puzzle out for my husband.
Marilyn T. (St. Joseph – 05/17)
Staff treated me like family and made me feel comfortable and safe.
Lenore L. (Gig Harbor – 05/17)
Starting radiation the day after the death of my husband was the best therapy imaginable. Everyone cared for me.
Diane N. (Gig Harbor – 05/17)
Everyone was caring and helpful!
Sue M. (Gig Harbor – 05/17)
Everyone was very nice.
Delbert M. (Gig Harbor – 05/17)
Everyone was GREAT!
Karen B. (Puyallup – 05/17)
Very friendly staff.
Pam S. (Puyallup – 05/17)
I was treated very well and will miss the staff.
Tammy W. (Jackson Hall – 05/17)
My thanks to all of you. You were awesome!
Junia A. (Jackson Hall – 05/17)
Everyone here made having to do radiation much more pleasant than expected. They were all so caring, helpful and encouraging.
Judy H. (Jackson Hall – 05/17)
This was one of the best doctor's offices I have ever visited. Really great in every way!
Tom H (St Joseph – 04/17)
Your team is awesome. Thank you for everything.
Tania L (Jackson Hall – 04/17)
I was always treated with professionalism, empathy and respect. The Gig Harbor staff is outstanding in every manner.
Donald H (Gig Harbor – 04/17)
Very courteous and professional staff in all areas.
Waymon C (Puyallup – 04/17)
You all made a difficult time easier with your caring. I very much appreciate you.
Sherry C (Jackson Hall – 04/17)
The entire staff was wonderful. They made something so difficult as easy as possible.
Chris B (Gig Harbor – 04/17)
I loved the ladies who worked with me and took great care of me!
Leona B (Jackson Hall – 04/17)
Any business is only as good as its people - no joke - all excellent!
Donn S (St Joseph -04/17)
I received excellent care! Nora, Kirk and Theresa were so kind and professional. I felt very cared for. The staff and Dr. Mastras are fantastic!
Shawn W (Gig Harbor – 04/17)
Your staff is excellent - particularly the front desk ladies and Lorena, Emily and Grace.
Amy H (Puyallup – 04/17)
Since I had to go through radiation - what a FABULOUS team to go through this process with!!
Annis U. (Jackson Hall – 04/17)
Everyone was so nice in the treatment room.
Gerald E. (Puyallup – 04/17)
Doing an amazing job. Keep up the good work.
Patti S. (Puyallup – 04/17)
Thanks to all the staff for an excellent job done.
Wilson L. (Puyallup – 04/17)
I felt blessed by all. Thank you!
Constance B. (St. Joseph – 04/17)
I was treated like I was special - thanks to everyone.
Michael K. (Gig Harbor – 04/17)
Every phase of my treatment exceeded all expectations. Thank you!
Maurice S. (St. Joseph – 04/17)
Best staff I have ever worked with!
Vicky N. (Puyallup – 04/17)
Great Experience! Thank you.
John C. (Puyallup – 04/17)
The staff was wonderful. Don't change a thing. Thank you all.
Joan J. (Puyallup – 04/17)
Me and my family felt so loved and taken care of. What a remarkable staff you have.
Cindy F. (Jackson Hall – 04/17)
The entire staff was incredible and made me feel well cared for and special. I already miss seeing their cheerful faces.
Charmaine N. (Jackson Hall – 04/17)
My experience was as pleasant as it could possibly be given the circumstances. Everyone was positive and welcoming.
Joan T. (Jackson Hall – 03/17)
Chris, Dana, Trisha, Blake, Daniele, Debbie Sue and Tammy were fun to b with!
Linda T. (St. Joseph – 03/17)
Everyone was very kind and helpful.
Judy H. (Puyallup – 03/17)
This staff was so attentive and even enjoyable to be with - very friendly.
Cheryl O. (Puyallup – 03/17)
I was treated very well. How wonderful it felt to have people that care.
Nancy M. (Puyallup – 03/17)
Very comfortable experience with pleasant employees.
Judith W. (Gig Harbor – 03/17)
I felt that I was treated special.
Ronnie G. (St. Joseph – 03/17)
This experience could not have been better. The friendly and compassionate staff took the worry out of the procedure.
Bruce H. (Puyallup – 03/17)
Highlight of my day - all the smiling faces.
Ronnie S. (Puyallup – 03/17)
The people I met at this cancer center were exceptional in caring for me.
Carl B. (Puyallup – 03/17)
Lorena, Sammi and Emily were especially helpful and compassionate.
Dallas K. (Puyallup – 03/17)
Thank you and God Bless You All!
Arthur C. (Puyallup – 03/17)
My radiation techs made each visit fun - really! They were outstanding in every way.
Judith T. (Gig Harbor 3/17)
This is a wonderful office with exceptional staff, working as one. Perfect!
Jacqueline H. (Gig Harbor – 03/17)
I believe this this team of medical professionals went above and beyond. I am so lucky to have had this group in charge of my care.
Vanessa P. (St. Joseph – 03/17)
I had a wonderful experience. Everyone was so kind, caring and professional.
Brenda B. (Puyallup – 03/17)
I just loved my techs! All of them. They were so nice and made you feel comfortable.
Loretta W. (Jackson Hall – 03/17)
Great staff!
Wendy S. (Gig Harbor – 03/17)
The staff was fabulous, kind and attentive. I feel very fortunate to have been placed in such professional and caring hands. Love my team!
Linda K. (Gig Harbor – 03/17)
Wonderful experience! Everyone was pleasant and helpful.
William Y. (St. Joseph – 03/17)
My experience was pleasant and made me feel that compassion is the "key" at this center.
Natasha B. (St. Joseph – 03/17)
Fabulous staff who genuinely care. Everyone was kind, pleasant, and helpful. You made a frightening situation actually pleasant.
Margaret C. (Jackson Hall – 03/17)
I felt so special and supported by the doctor, therapists, and staff.
Nora K. (Jackson Hall – 03/17)
This group was the BEST!
Xu D. (St. Joseph – 03/17)
The staff actually made me look forward to my appointments. There is a genuine warmth in everyone's demeanor that made me feel safe.
Sue Ellen F. (02/2017 – Jackson Hall)
Thank you for the care and the warm blankets.
Steve D. (02/2017 – Jackson Hall)
Everyone there was wonderful! From the minute I walked in the door, I was treated so nice.
Florence K. (02/2017 – Jackson Hall)
All staff at this facility is top of the class.
Eric T. (02/2017 – Jackson Hall)
Radiation staff was particularly wonderful as were all others.
Cynthia K. (02/2017 – Puyallup)
The entire staff in Puyallup are to be commended for the excellent care and compassion they have for the patients.
Chuck H. (02/2017 – Puyallup)
I would like to thank Dr. Mastras, the techs and staff for their kindness, concern, knowledge and respectful way in which I was treated under stressful circumstances. They are appreciated.
Nancy G. (02/2017 – Gig Harbor)
An unpleasant experience (fighting cancer) was made bearable by the friendly, caring technicians.
James A. (02/2017 – Gig Harbor)
The staff was wonderful - very nice, knowledgeable and helpful. I could not have had a better staff.
Rita M. (02/2017 – Jackson Hall)
The people at this clinic were wonderful.
Elizabeth C. (02/2017 – Gig Harbor)
Great staff!
Katlyn N. (02/2017 – Gig Harbor)
Very good and caring people.
Velda D. (02/2017 – Puyallup)
This was my first experience with radiation and all the staff made me very comfortable and supported.
Rodney S. (02/2017 – Gig Harbor)
Dr. Mastras and staff are fabulous!
Linnea N. (02/2017 – Gig Harbor)
Excellent staff!
Robert A. (02/2017 – Puyallup)
I felt very welcomed and almost a part of a family. They were wonderful.
Margaret L. (Puyallup 01/17)
A very pleasant and caring place. The doctor and staff were excellent.
Neil B. (Gig Harbor 01/17)
Very professional, pleasant and with a light sense of humor.
Richard L. (Gig Harbor 01/17)
Everyone was calming and kind to me. They were good to explain what was going to happen and put me at ease.
Winnie W. (St. Joseph 01/17)
Lorena and Emily were excellent with me. The staff was very prompt and made me feel comfortable.
Vickie H. (Puyallup 01/17)
Radiation staff did a great job and was very helpful.
Elizabeth D. (Jackson Hall 01/17)
I couldn't have asked for a better team. My daily visits were so positive and I looked forward to them.
Kaaren C. (Gig Harbor 01/17)
Your staff made an unpleasant treatment almost enjoyable! I can't thank them enough. Glad to be done but I will miss their smiling faces!
Susan L. (Jackson Hall 01/17)
Great staff! So friendly, supportive and caring.
Jill M. (Puyallup 01/17)
Great team in Gig Harbor!
Henry H. (Gig Harbor 01/17)
The staff was very professional but fun to be with.
Larry S. (St. Joseph 01/17)
This is a great team, and I am so grateful to be a part of it! Thanks for all your care and kindness.
Pamela R. (Jackson Hall 01/17)
They were a great staff!
Terry K. (Puyallup 01/17)
Everyone was wonderful!
Barbara S. (St. Joseph 01/17)
The treatment became more difficult as I progressed but the staff was wonderful. Thumbs up all the way!
Denise H. (Puyallup 01/17)
Everyone was so pleasant.
Mark P. (Puyallup 01/17)
The best care possible!
Kathy F. (Gig Harbor 01/17)
The group at Gig Harbor is awesome! Keep up the good work.
Gerry S. (Gig Harbor 01/17)
Everyone was very nice and caring! A pleasure to be around.
Mary E. (Puyallup 01/17)
What a wonderful group of people! I almost wish I could see them more often - just for a visit.
Linda H. (Jackson Hall 01/17)
The staff members were all very supportive and easy to work with.
Sherry S. (Gig Harbor 01/17)
The nicest young people I've met in a long time. Loved them all.
Irene B (Puyallup – 10/16)
All things considered, this could not have gone more smoothly. From Day One, Danielle, Chris and Trisha were compassionate and kind. They never lost sight of what I was going through and they observed my dignity every single day.
Lindsay M (St Joseph – 10/16)
Excellent staff from the receptionists to the techs to the doctors. Everyone is kind, honorable and helps you enjoy laughter when needed.
Tamara B (St Joseph – 10/16)
Near Perfection!
Doyle W (St Joseph – 10/16)
I was very happy with the treatment received and the individuals doing the procedures. They were very professional and did an outstanding job.
James S (St Joseph – 10/16)
Every single time I entered the office, I was greeted with smiles and a "Hi Jill" from everyone. I really felt valued and cared for by the entire staff. I will miss seeing them!
Jill B (St Joseph – 10/16)
Excellent care and compassion.
Doris M (Gig Harbor – 10/16)
All the techs were very respectful and friendly. I could not have asked for any better people to deal with.
David H (Gig Harbor – 10/16)
Everyone was so wonderful and kind. I looked forward to seeing them at every visit.
Kristen M (Gig Harbor – 10/16)
The BEST medical team I have ever met.
Frank A (Gig Harbor – 10/16)
Everything was what I expected and more. Everyone went beyond to make me comfortable.
Carol S (Gig Harbor – 10/16)
Your office staff was great!
Betty G (Puyallup – 10/16)
You are all so awesome!
Kathy C (Puyallup – 10/16)
Everyone there treated me with respect and compassion. I am so impressed.
Barbara R (Puyallup – 10/16)
Your staff is the best I have ever seen.
Stephen J (Puyallup – 10/16)
Great staff - The tech's were wonderful and made sure that I was as comfortable as possible.
Floyd W (Puyallup – 10/16)
I loved the smiles and care I always received.
Joan T (Puyallup – 10/16)
They are all amazing folks!
LaDale F (Puyallup – 10/16)
I was always seen so quickly. I had no time for the puzzle:)
Mary E (Puyallup – 10/16)
Thank you all for your great service.
Lynn B (Puyallup – 10/16)
Your staff made a difficult time better by their smiles, concern, patient and care. Thank you!
Teri D (Puyallup – 10/16)
Your staff is the best! Thank you so much for your great care.
Sharon T (Puyallup – 10/16)
Thank you for your kind care.
Gabriel O (Jackson Hall – 10/16)
The ladies at Jackson Hall are so pleasant. They always had a smile for me even the parking lot attendant. Thanks to all.
Tamera G (Jackson Hall – 10/16)
You did a great job. Thank you for your care.
William B (St Joseph – 10/16)
I was hesitant at my age, but the staff made me so comfortable - it was a breeze.
Elsie V (9/16 – Gig Harbor)
You are all kind and terrific!
Bernadette K (9/16 – Gig Harbor)
Everyone was fantastic!
Maria M (9/16 – Gig Harbor)
Awesome team - a beautiful staff!! I love them all.
Lora K (9/16 – Gig Harbor)
I was treated with kindness and respect.
Marcia G (9/16 – Gig Harbor)
Thank you for your kindness and professional help.
Norma F (9/16 – Gig Harbor)
This whole group could not have been more kind. Everyone was always caring, cheerful, and helpful. They made a dreaded time comfortable and easy.
Shirley W (9/16 – Puyallup)
Excellent staff and their support was awesome. You made my visits easier and curtailed a lot of my fears.
Merilynn D (9/16 – Puyallup)
Having experiences in other offices, yours is the very best in every way.
Ronald F (9/16 – Puyallup)
The people are terrific and compassionate.
Nancy M (9/16 – Puyallup)
I could not be treated any better.
Kelly D (9/16 – Puyallup)
The entire staff was very pleasant and professional.
Bob S (9/16 – Puyallup)
Thank you so much!
Yovgeniy P (9/16 – Puyallup)
Every single person in this facility was a "Godsend" and "Angel." Everyone here made a scary and uncertain situation pleasant and tolerable.
Anne H (9/16 – Puyallup)
Thank you for making a difficult situation as easy as possible.
Jeanneane E (9/16 – Puyallup)
You guys were awesome. Thank you for all your hard work.
Deborah A (9/16 – Puyallup)
All the staff treated me so kindly and helpfully that it made my treatment as free of stress as possible.
Caroline W (9/16 – Jackson Hall)
Great people! If you have to have radiation, this is the best possible situation.
Lorna S (9/16 – Jackson Hall)
Thank you so much for your care and friendship during my six-week treatment. You all are the best!
Marlene H (9/16 – Jackson Hall)
I love all the staff - very respectful and willing to help in every way.
Merita M (9/16 – Jackson Hall)
Staff is wonderful - super, fantastic, out of this world - made my treatment enjoyable. Thanks.
Denise B (9/16 – Jackson Hall)
Always smiling and pleasant.
Billie B (9/16 – Jackson Hall)
Treatment technologists were very professional.
Pamela W (9/16 – St Joseph)
Staff is awesome!
Sharon R (9/16 – St Joseph)
Staff is wonderful!
MaryKate M. (Jackson Hall – 08/16)
Sammy and Kirk were the techs that I saw the most. They were truly a joy. Everyone at the Puyallup center went above and beyond. They were all caring and compassionate. I was so blessed.
Carole M. (Puyallup – 08/16)
I only had to wait a few times. They got me in and out early when they could and squeezed me in once - so appreciate all that you did - great care!!
Jean W. (Puyallup – 08/16)
Thank you to this wonderful team. You always made me feel special through my journey.
Misty C. (Gig Harbor – 08/16)
Awesome Team!
Paul B. (Gig Harbor – 08/16)
I know you have many patients; however, I felt your nurses were wiating all day just for me. I can't say enough good things!
Gordon H. (Gig Harbor – 07/2016)
Everyone was so wonderful and caring!
Alda Mae S. (Jackson Hall – 07/2016)
You are all wonderful! Everyone was amazing and encouraging with smiles. You made me feel happy and safe.
Karen D. (St. Joseph – 07/2016)
Great job - good people!
Nancy W. (Jackson Hall – 07/2016)
I was treated so well and warmly since my very first visit. Any expectations that I had were exceeded.
Jason R. (Jackson Hall – 07/2016)
Top notch staff! Everyone provides compassionate and excellent care.
Debbie C. (Jackson Hall – 07/2016)
Simply Amazing! Love All of You!
Jennifer L. (Gig Harbor – 07/2016)
The radiation staff and Muriel are "out of this world" amazing! Thank you!
Cynthia T. (Gig Harbor – 07/2016)
My husband always accompanied me and he was welcomed as a friend!
Phyllis M. (Jackson Hall – 07/2016)
Radiation therapists Sam, Linda and Nicole were wonderful! - kind, friendly and helpful!
Claudine F. (Jackson Hall – 07/2016)
Everyone and everything was very professional and courteous.
David T. (St. Joseph – 07/2016)
Great Folks! Well Done! Very professional but also kind and respectful - everyone was very nice. Thanks!
Jim E. (St. Joseph – 07/2016)
All staff was supportive, friendly and professional.
Jeanne S. (Puyallup – 07/2016)
You all did an excellent job. I couldn't have asked for any better. Thanks!
Richard M. (St. Joseph – 07/2016)
The staff kept me relaxed. They helped me stay positive about the treatment. Thank you!
Les W. (Jackson Hall – 07/2016)
I could not have been more pleased with the compassionate care I received from Theresa, Nora, Marie, Nicole and Clarence. They were "spot on" with their caring for my emotional and physical needs. I feel blessed to have been in their care.
Sandy T. (Gig Harbor – 07/2016)
The staff was amazing - they treated me like a queen!
Sandy B. (Jackson Hall – 07/2016)
I had a very positive experience with the doctor and all the staff.
Lawrence B. (Puyallup – 07/2016)
This is by far the BEST medical team I have every been associated with - from the front desk, nurse, radiologists and doctor.
Lisa S. (St. Joseph – 07/2016)
A wonderful place to have radiation!
Sherrie U. (Puyallup – 07/2016)
I was treated with kindness and respect at all times.
Carolie G. (Gig Harbor – 07/2016)
We were very pleased!
Verl Q. (Puyallup – 07/2016)
Sharon E. (Puyallup – 07/2016)
Everyone was wonderful - what a great team! The office was organized and well run - never any issues.
Julie H. (St. Joseph – 07/2016)
Given the circumstances, it was as good and positive experience as possible. Thanks to all the staff!
John W. (Puyallup – 07/2016)
The staff is excellent!
Robert V. (Puyallup – 07/2016)
Their motto "We care - for you, your family and friends" is shown in the care that is given.
James N. (Gig Harbor – 07/2016)
Muriel was as nice as can be.
Corina B. (Gig Harbor – 07/2016)
All staff was very caring and attentive. We were always at ease. The staff went ouf of their way to help.
Milynn L. (Puyallup – 07/2016)
Excellent care and service!
Teresa H. (St. Joseph – 07/2016)
The three ladies who cared for me were so very kind, gentle and helpful in every way. They made it all better.
Kathy D. (Gig Harbor – 07/2016)
Everyone was terrific. All were upbeat and cheerful every day. The entire staff made this a pleasurable experience. Never any negative thoughts during the whole treatment. I can't say enough good things about the staff - all of them.
Jerry H. (Jackson Hall – 07/2016)
Wonderful, caring people!
Sara D. (Puyallup – 07/2016)
They made me feel special.
Willard L. (St. Joseph – 05/16)
Excellent staff!
Roberta F. (St. Joseph – 05/16)
Everyone was very caring and patient.
Susan S. (Gig Harbor – 05/16)
You were all wonderful and touched my heart. Thank you all for caring.
Cheryl D. (Gig Harbor – 05/16)
Excellent experience.
Lisa G. (Puyallup – 05/16)
I was never treated as a cancer patient but an important part of a caring medical team who were ready. Thank you.
John B. (Gig Harbor – 05/16)
Made a necessary visit a pleasure.
Dolores C. (Gig Harbor – 05/16)
I was just very pleased and confident.
Pamela T. (Gig Harbor – 05/16)
The staff is amazing! I was greeted everyday with a smile. Everyone genuinely cares about you and wants you to feel comfortable as you go through something not so comfortable. I am so glad I found them - a daily bonus for sure.
Joleen L. (Jackson Hall – 05/16)
Everyone was wonderful. They made an awful situation tolerable, even possibly pleasant.
Michael M. (Jackson Hall – 05/16)
You guys are awesome!
Georgiana V. (Puyallup – 05/16)
Professional and compassionate staff members including the doctors.
Ronald W. (Puyallup – 05/16)
Everyone I dealt with was coming nd compassionate! Wonderful people - Thank you.
Patricia P. (Puyallup – 05/16)
Thank you for making this as good as you could for me. Literally, thank you for saving my life!
Vicki R. (Puyallup – 05/16)
The staff is wonderful, kind and compassionate.
Kimberly G. (Puyallup – 05/16)
Wonderful, caring staff!
Carol O. (Puyallup 05/16)
Great Team Work!
Larry L. (St. Joseph – 04/2016)
On my son's first day of radiation, we walked in and I could see on my son's face that he was scared and uneasy. I prayed that he wouldn't change his mind and walk out but when we got in, we were welcomed with open arms. My son was smiling, relaxed and ready to go. The radiation crew was so wonderful - the nicest people ever. God Bless You All. Also the front office and doctors were wonderful. My son misses you already.
Steve F. (St. Joseph – 04/2016)
My care was exceptional. My treatment team was awesome and genuinely cared about me. I know I got the best care.
Kristina B. (St. Joseph – 04/2016)
I felt so comfortable and cared for while being treated. Everyone was so nice.
Jennifer W. (Gig Harbor – 04/2016)
Wonderful staff!!
Sharon M. (Gig Harbor – 04/2016)
I had just had a bad car accident, my husband of 48 years had left, and then went through radiation. The staff was excellent and gave me hugs when I needed them. I am so glad I was treated here in Puyallup.
Kathleen D. (Puyallup – 04/2016)
I couldn't be more happy. My experience was one that made an awful situation not horrible at all!
Martha T. (Puyallup – 04/2016)
Everyone earns an A+ from me!!
Ruth W. (Puyallup – 04/2016)
The technologists as individuals and as a team are the very best. I cannot speak too highly of them all.
David G. (Puyallup – 04/2016)
Very professional! Made me feel comfortable and relaxed. Outstanding care.
Roger M. (Jackson Hall – 04/2016)
I love this office. My care was more than excellent! I am looking forward to my follow-up appointment to see everyone again!
Mary Jane C. (Jackson Hall – 04/2016)
Thank you! The pain in my hip is gone.
Mary Ellen S. (03/2016 – St. Joseph)
Everyone was so nice and helpful - very efficient and organized.
Connie H. (03/2016 – St. Joseph)
From my very first day until my last, I was treated like I was your only patient. I was always greeted with a smile and a kind word. Your entire staff went out of their way to see that I was given the best care possible. In a business like yours, 100% of your customers would rather be somewhere else, but you found a way to take care of my needs and to make me feel comfortable throughout all of my treatments.
Bob L. (03/2016 – Jackson Hall)
The staff is remarkable - every one of them. They put into practice the healing power of kindness.
Judith S. (03/2016 – Jackson Hall)
Thank you forever!
Gayle M. (03/2016 – Jackson Hall)
Awesome team of technicians!
Anita H. (03/2016 – Jackson Hall)
Everyone was so kind and did their very best!
Carol G. (03/2016 – Jackson Hall)
Every one of the staff was exceptionally professional and kind.
Terrence V. (03/2016 – Puyallup)
All of the staff was kind and helpful.
Nicholas D. (03/2016 – Puyallup)
The staff was great and the doctor was wonderful!
Myrtle V. (03/2016 – Puyallup)
Incredible staff, excellent service!
Sandra G. (03/2016 – Gig Harbor)
Everyone was wonderful.
Francine T. (03/2016 – Gig Harbor)
I was so worried but the doctor and staff relieved my worries and treated me like family. I tell all my friends about how great my experience was and let them know about the great team that took care of me.
Edith E. (03/2016 – Gig Harbor)
I was treated so well by everyone. Thank you to all!
John S. (03/2016 – Gig Harbor)
I loved the free books and the harp playing was great!
Mary Lou S. (03/2016 – Gig Harbor)
The radiation technicians do a wonderful job making patients feel at ease by showing patience, love and understanding. They show absolute professionalism with efficiency and accuracy with their caring ways. Thank you everyone.
Donna L (Puyallup – 2/16)
I am very happy that I have finished my radiation but will miss the staff greatly!
Patricia G (Jackson Hall – 2/16)
A great group of employees - Thank you all and may God bless your lives with health and happiness always.
Diane C (St Joseph – 2/16)
Thank you for your kindness and encouragement.
Nancy D (Puyallup – 2/16)
I loved the staff. I am glad to be done but will miss them.
Sherri S (Puyallup – 2/16)
My 45-day experience with radiation could not have been better. I was very comfortable with every staff member who attended to my needs. All were friendly, kind and caring. My crew of wonderful technologists were very focused and professional, and I will miss them all. My grateful thanks to everyone at the radiation oncology center.
Tom M (St Joseph – 2/16)
Not only did I receive high quality care but the positive and compassionate approach of all staff supported both my emotional and physical health and healing. Thank you!
Camie W (Puyallup – 2/16)
I could not have asked for better treatment - professionalism, compassionate and respect. I felt I was in the best of care.
Gena B (Gig Harbor – 2/16)
Everyone was so generous and helpful with my sessions.
James S (St Joseph – 2/16)
Thanks to all for supporting me when I needed it most.
Michael P (Gig Harbor – 2/16)
Your care was excellent!
Dana E (Puyallup – 2/16)
The staff went above and beyond excellent - always friendly and always upbeat!
Clarissa B (St Joseph – 2/16)
Thank you all for the care I received.
Gayle G (Puyallup – 2/16)
I felt as if I was being cared for by my own family and friends!
Sharon Y (Puyallup – 2/16)
Everyone was wonderful and caring. I couldn't have asked for more.
Leroy L. (Puyallup – 2/16)
The complete staff was great!!!
Andrea B (Puyallup – 2/16)
All of the people I saw in my 25 visits were very courteous and helpful. A great team.
Bernard J (St Joseph – 2/16)
I think all of the staff members did a wonderful job.
Diane R (01/16 – Jackson Hall)
I looked foward to my visits. The staff made me so comfortable.
William R (01/16 – Gig Harbor)
Dr. Mastras and his A-Team are excellent healthcare providers - kind, attentive and above all professional and patient-oriented.
Ina C (01/16 – Gig Harbor)
The staff made me feel so comfortable with such a difficult situation. Thank you everyone.
John H (01/16 – Gig Harbor)
I am very impressed with the staff and was happy to not have to drive to Tacoma every day too.
Christie K (01/16 – Gig Harbor)
Everyone was so wonderful - the best staff ever! I am going to miss everyone.
Tammy A (01/16 – Gig Harbor)
I have never been so taken care of.
Jeri G (01/16 – Gig Harbor)
Excellent treatment! The staff was very professional. I have all the confidence in Dr. Wang and his staff.
Daniel A (01/16 – St Joseph)
Wonderful caring staff! Many thanks for your compassion.
Nancy K (01/16 – Puyallup)
The treatment technologists were very nice to me and very helpful.
Tildew L (01/16 – Puyallup)
I received the best help, respect and kindness from the doctor, the technologists, and receptionists than I have in the 57 years I've been around. They are GREAT. Thank you all.
Ken E (01/16 – Puyallup)
Everyone I came in contact with was great - very kind and respectful to me.
Jennifer B (01/16 – Puyallup)
Great Job Team!
Edward C (01/16 – Puyallup)
The kindness shown to me by the employees helped my attitude throughout the treatment.
Christine F (01/16 – Puyallup)
All the staff that I met was top-notch!
Patrick K (01/16 – Puyallup)
The treatment technologists made me feel like family. I will miss them. Sammi was extra special.
Karen B (01/16 – Puyallup)
I left after my treatments were done feeling a bit sad over not seeing everyone anymore! I am so grateful for the genuine care that I received from every person there. Thank you for making this unpleasant experience rather pleasant indeed.
Veronica K (01/16 – Puyallup)
All the staff was very professional but still made you feel like family.
Reed M. (12/15 – Puyallup)
The staff was always concerned about making me as comfortable as possible Professional but friendly, kind and compassionate.
Susan M. (12/15 – Puyallup)
The staff was always friendly and courteous. It was a pleasure to meet all of them.
Richard E. (12/15 – Puyallup)
A-1 rating! I cannot express how impressed I have been with everyone involved at this cancer center. Extraordinary customer service has to be intentional and it is here.
John M. (12/15 – Puyallup)
Everyone there was so sweet. They made a difficult situation go smoothly. Thanks to all!
Patricia W. (12/15) – Puyallup)
I loved all of them! Very thankful.
Mary G. (12/15 – Gig Harbor)
You are doing a perfect job! Thank you for everything.
Alice K. (12/15 – Gig Harbor )
The whole staff was compassionate, caring and generally concerned about me. Thank you Ladies!
Karla S. (12/15 – Jackson Hall)
Nice staff!
Paula N. (St. Joseph – 11/2015)
They were perfect!
Ann S. (Gig Harbor – 11/2015)
Everyone was so polite and friendly. I really appreciate the caring! Thank you.
Raymond J. (St. Joseph – 11/2015)
Thank you so much for caring and for your help. You all made it easier for me because you care!
Teressa C. (Puyallup – 11/2015)
Always professional and courteous.
Fred P. (Puyallup – 11/2015)
The positive attitudes and smiling faces of the radiation techs made the treatments more tolerable.
Donna W. (Jackson Hall – 11/2015)
Everyone was wonderful!
Belinda K. (Puyallup – 11/2015)
The staff is remarkable - fun, friendly and kind. They helped to make a difficult situation a bit easier. Peggy S.
Peggy S. (Jackson Hall – 11/2015)
My deepest apprecations to all of the staff. You made it possible to successfully complete my treatment.
Leonard B. (St. Joseph – 11/15)
The team at Gig Harbor couldn't have been more attentive, friendly and helpful.
Patricia F. (Gig Harbor – 11/15)
Wonderful support!
Karen E. (Gig Harbor – 11/15)
I found the technologists absolutely perfect - warm, friendly, never patronizing. I am so very grateful for them.
Patti D. (Gig Harbor – 11/15)
The staff made a "not so great experience" into me going to see my friends. What a fantastic group!
Cheryl B. (Gig Harbor – 11/15)
Your techs are outstanding. Give them a raise!
Elizabeth C. (Puyallup – 11/15)
Excellent staff - very positive experience. I feel much better.
Hunter H. (Jackson Hall – 11/15)
Very impressed with the radiation staff - positive attitudes.
Sharon B. (Jackson Hall – 11/15)
During my ten days of radiation, Dr. Pittier showed me compassion and gave me excellent care. Thanks to the nurses and the rest of her staff for your support.
Victoria F. (Jackson Hall – 09/15)
Excellent Staff!
Donna M. (Puyallup – 09/15)
You all made a very hard and unknown thing not as bad to go through. Thanks.
Joyce O. (Puyallup – 09/15)
The staff was great. I could not have been treated better.
Jamie H. (Puyallup – 09/15)
Everyone made me feel as though they really cared about me personally.
Mae G. (Puyallup – 09/15)
Everything was excellent. God Bless You!
Ronald T. (Puyallup – 09/15)
It is so nice that you have an office Puyallup. Love the puzzles.
Margaret R. (Puyallup – 09/15)
Everything was excellent! I got the feeling from EVERYONE that they cared.
Alean C. (Jackson Hall – 09/15)
This was a very professional experience. Thanks to all of the staff. They were super!
Don W. (Puyallup – 09/15)
The staff was compassionate, patient and kind with a little, greatly needed, humor thrown in. They made my treatments a breeze.
Debra I. (Jackson Hall – 09/15)
This team is extraordinary! I would recommend to all.
Donna K. (Jackson Hall – 09/15)
Your staff is amazing!
Florence G. (Puyallup – 09/15)
A special thanks to Muriel, Clarence and Theresa. They made my time being treated a pleasure.
Patricia H. (Gig Harbor – 09/15)
I was treated beautifully!
Rosa A. (St. Joseph – 09/15)
You guys are the best! I felt so welcomed by the whole staff. I have nothing but praise for you all.
Joyce A. (St. Joseph – 09/15)
Very friendly and welcoming staff.
Larry F. (St. Joseph – 09/15)
The staff and doctors here are just awesome!
Wendy F. (Puyallup 09/15)
The overall experience was excellent. It was a learning experience I will share with others. I am grateful for all of you.
Sandra E. (Jackson Hall 09/15)
I watched how the staff worked with others. Everyone was treated the same way in an excellent manner. Very Cool!
Denise R. (Gig Harbor 09/15)
I will miss all of you but am glad for the experience of your lives touching me.
Allen H. (Puyallup 09/15)
Everyone is excellent. On my first day of treatment, I was so nervous but everyone helped me with kindness and talked to me step-by-step. That helped me so much.
Janice C. (Puyallup – 09/15)
I love the staff! I have never felt more comfortable at a place like I did here.
Tammy F. (St. Joseph – 09/15)
Everyone treated me as if they had known me for a very long time as a personal friend.
George B. (St. Joseph – 08/15)
Although doctor visits are not among my favorite things to do, The Tacoma Radiation staff made the visits as painless and pleasant as possible. Thank you all!
John S. (St. Joseph – 08/15)
You couldn't ask for a better group!
Linda S. (Puyallup – 08/15)
The staff was wonderful - very sweet but business-like at the same time.
Cindy C. (Puyallup – 08/15)
The staff, especially the technologists, was cheerful and very hardworking!
Elizabeth H. (Puyallup – 08/15)
The employees, doctors, and attendants all were friendly, kind, compassionate and helpful.
Mardelle S. (Jackson Hall – 08/15)
The receptionist, all of the doctors, Dee the nurse, Sam the technologist and everybody else was very pleasant and attentive.
Linda U. (Jackson Hall – 08/15)
Your staff (doctors and nursing) was most perfect in all aspects - my sincere thanks.
Clarence T. (Jackson Hall – 08/15)
The technologists made me as comfortable as possible. That's saying a lot since I am nearly 85 years old and have OA of the hips, spine and knees.
Petty F. (Puyallup – 08/15)
Everyone was very professional and polite.
Ron K. (Puyallup – 08/15)
Services and care were outstanding! Thank you.
Edward W. (Gig Harbor – 08/15)
Every staff member was great! Very caring, helpful and absolutely wonderful.
Earl B. (Jackson Hall – 08/15)
I received the most professional, caring and honest treatment from all staff members. Excellent care - Thank you!
Linda K. (Jackson Hall – 08/15)
The whole staff was fabulous in supporting my needs during my treatments!
Julie P. (Jackson Hall – 08/15)
The entire team made me very comfortable in this process. Their upbeat attitude is contagious. Thank you!
Merrilynn S. (Jackson Hall – 08/15)
Everyone was just great!
Alice K (St. Joseph – 08/15)
The entire staff helped me through 33 radiation treatments with compassion and encouragement. I will never forget them! God Bless you all.
Patricia M (St. Joseph – 08/15)
You are all outstanding. Thank you to all!
Betty A (St. Joseph – 08/15)
The staff of doctors, nurses and everyone that took care of me during radiation were caring and exceptional. Thank you!
Linda M (Jackson Hall – 08/15)
Thank you for everything!
Carol C (Jackson Hall – 08/15)
Dr. Pittier was so understanding. She was great! Fantastic staff - everyone was so kind and considerate! I loved the secretary when on the phone and in person.
Jackie R (Jackson Hall – 08/15)
The staff was great - wonderful personalities. I actually enjoyed coming!
Kathleen O (Jackson Hall – 08/15)
So appreciated the positive, happy and very competent people I've seen and who have handled my care. Thank you!
Janis H (Jackson Hall – 08/15)
The radiation girls were wonderful. I couldn't have done this without their upbeat attitudes!
Samantha S (Puyallup – 08/15)
I can honestly say that I have been treated with such kindness and compassion.
Barbara W (Puyallup – 08/15)
Everything was great. I love you!
Rosalie Z (Puyallup – 08/15)
I enjoyed the staff - they were great!
Wanda C (Puyallup – 08/15)
Excellent care and concern!
Diane R (Puyallup – 08/15)
Everything was excellent - a very caring staff!
Pat M (Puyallup – 08/15)
I was told ahead of time that the treatment would not be painful but only uncomfortable - SO TRUE!
Patricia J (Puyallup – 08/15)
I thought you did a fantastic job!
Juliann S (Puyallup – 08/15)
A wonderful staff! They were always so friendly and nice to me.
Noel D (Gig Harbor – 08/15)
Everyone was so nice and caring.
Janet P (Gig Harbor – 08/15)
The experience was comfortable with a warm and friendly staff.
Carole E (Gig Harbor – 08/15)
Great staff!
Helen L (Gig Harbor – 08/15)
Everyone was just great!
Joan M (Gig Harbor – 08/15)
The girls were fantastic every day and very compassionate on my "bad" days. Hugs to all.
Joyce I (Puyallup – 08/15)
The staff was great!
Gary E (Puyallup – 08/15)
Very efficient and did their tasks smoothly and cheerfully. I felt I was in good hands.
Louise M (Gig Harbor – 08/15)
Dr. Mastras, Nora, Nicole, Julia, Theresa, Muriel, and Clarence were most helpful.
Joseph P. (Gig Harbor – 06/15)
The service provided was excellent throughout - a wonderful staff with a high level of technical expertise and professionalism - the best!
Ralph B. (Gig Harbor – 06/15)
We thank you all for your assistance during these trying times.
Robert C. (Puyallup – 06/15)
The staff was very understanding, patient, and respectful of what I was going through. I felt very comfortable with my care!
Michelle C. (Puyallup – 06/15)
Everyone was great!
Lorraine R. (Puyallup – 06/15)
Everything went well and the staff made you feel at home. I was in and out in a timely manner.
Earl C. (Puyallup – 06/15)
I really appreciated the technologists' attitudes. They made a truly difficult experience a little easier.
Lorrie M. (Puyallup – 06/15)
Excellent service and caring!
Linda R. (Jackson Hall – 06/15)
Everyone at the clinic was friendly, supportive and helpful. They turned a "negative" into a pleasant and positive experience.
Karen C. (Jackson Hall – 06/15)
The staff is top-notch. They have to deal with the emotions of all their patients and continue to be positive and wonderful to work with.
Sandra S. (Jackson Hall – 06/15)
The nurses were great!
William F. (St. Joseph – 06/15)
A terrific combination of efficiency, kindness and professionalism.
David S. (St. Joseph – 06/15)
From the time we met with Dr. McDonough and through the 3 weeks of radiation, everyone was above and beyond helpful and caring. The end-of-treatment "goodies" were very much appreciated. Thanks again to each and every one of you.
Daniel D. (St. Joseph – 06/15)
Pure Perfection!
Rochelle C. (Puyallup – 5/15)
The entire staff here is pleasant and nurturing. I am well pleased. I want to thank all for their welcoming services. God Bless you all.
Donna S. (Puyallup – 5/15)
The entire staff was very caring and always kind and understanding. They made treatment bearable.
Janis C. (Puyallup – 5/15)
Amazing staff - 100% supportive!
Chris F. (Puyallup – 5/15)
Everyone was wonderful to me. I really appreciated how kind and thoughtful they all were.
Arne S. (Puyallup – 5/15)
Everyone was great! The certificate and water bottle/mug gift was very nice on my final day! Thank you.
Michelle D. (Puyallup – 5/15)
I had the best girls ever. They really helped with my special needs and thought of ways to make it easier.
Marland B. (Puyallup – 5/15)
The technologists were amazing - professional, patient and kind.
Jo S. (Puyallup – 5/15)
The staff was a joy - understanding, caring and compassionate. They made this experience better.
Shelley T (Jackson Hall – 5/15)
Everything was wonderful. I enjoyed all!
Patricia C (Jackson Hall – 5/15)
Great and caring staff!
Richard M (St. Joseph – 5/15)
Great service and great smiles!
Ray P (St. Joseph – 5/15)
Excellent performance by all staff.
Janis R. (St. Joseph – 5/15)
The staff was great!
Patty F (St. Joseph – 5/15)
Everyone was very friendly and competent. It made the experience enjoyable.
Don I (St. Joseph – 5/15)
I can't say enough about how caring this team of individuals was. It made all the difference!. I am very grateful to each of them.
Alta G. (Gig Harbor – 04/15)
Thank you to the staff for all your kind words when I needed them and all your support.
Leavitt G. (Gig Harbor – 04/15)
Dr. Mastras and his staff were outstanding - friendly, compassionate, and met my special accommodations well.
Jennifer M. (Gig Harbor – 04/15)
Everyone from the front office to the technicians were beyond nice. Thank you.
Lynette D. (Puyallup – 04/15)
Thanks to all for making my radiation therapy treatment more bearable!
Susan W. (Puyallup – 04/15)
My experience was outstanding. Thank you all very much.
Josephine M. (Puyallup – 04/15)
Everybody was just wonderful and kind.
Patricia P. (Puyallup 04/15)
Holly and Lorena were wonderful! Courteous, attentive and professional - just made the treatment experience almost enjoyable!
Larry C. (Puyallup – 04/15)
Everything was wonderful!. All the "girls" were part of the healing process - just wonderful. Thank you again!. Thank you Dr. Pittier for your excellent care!
Martha J. (Jackson Hall – 04/15)
The whole office and staff treated me wonderfully with care and compassion.
Cheryl P. (Jackson Hall – 04/15)
I was glad when the treatment was over but I will miss the staff. They were so friendly.
Rita T. (Jackson Hall – 04/15)
Everyone was very nice - I miss them.
Ron S. (Puyallup – 04/15)
The staff was professional and courteous.
Tom S. (Puyallup – 04/15)
Everything was perfect. Great staff!
Russell P. (Puyallup – 4/15)
I am going to miss all the wonderful staff. They made me feel at ease and cared for.
Deborah L. (Puyallup – 04/15)
Everything was wonderful!! I will miss all of you.
Heidi B. (Puyallup – 04/15)
The nurses were so nice and helpful.
Janice A. (Puyallup – 04/15)
The entire treatment period was exceptional!
Diana L. (Gig Harbor – 4/15)
The team in Gig Harbor is very compassionate, friendly and supportive. It has made my treatment experience very positive!
Jana H. (Gig Harbor – 04/15)
Everyone was very friendly.
Glen T. ( – 04/15)
Everyone was wonderful. Your firm sets the bar for courtesy, efficiency and professionalism. The Completion certificate was a nice touch!
Thomas N. (Gig Harbor – 04/15)
The staff and caretakers were wonderful!!
Marlene O. (Jackson Hall – 04/15)
Everyone on the staff was fabulous!
Terri E. (Gig Harbor – 04/15)
World Class Staff - truly!
Jan W. (Puyallup – 04/15)
The service was professional, courteous, and excellent throughout with appropriate compassion.
Anthony K. (Gig Harbor – 04/15)
The friendly, welcoming atmosphere of the staff and fellow patients was simply wonderful!
Susan S. (Jackson Hall – 04/15)
Thank you to all who treated me. You made it bearable.
Cyndie P. (Jackson Hall – 04/15)
Great bunch of people - all were overly nice to me. I enjoyed the whole time I was there - very, very professional.
Walter T. (St. Joseph – 04/15)
What an incredible staff!
Dawn B. (Puyallup – 04/15)
The staff made an unpleasant experience into a pleasant one by being so friendly.
Wendy D. (Gig Harbor – 04/15)
The staff was most kind and encouraging.
Sandra H. (Gig Harbor – 04/15)
I appreciated everyone's good mood and positive attitude.
James F. (Puyallup – 04/15)
The nursing staff and receptionist were super - outstanding and helpful.
Lon G. (Puyallup – 04/15)
You were all PERFECT! Dr. Mastras, Muriel, Nicole, Clarence, Nora and Teresa!!! Yahoo!
Rosalie W. (Gig Harbor – 04/15)
Awesome! The BEST! It is obvious that their work is more than just a job. The environment is warm and caring. They relieved my anxiety and made by treatment something to look forward to.
Janice G. (Gig Harbor – 03/15)
Under the circumstances, I had a good experience.
Brenda S. (Jackson Hall – 03/15)
Everything was very professional!
Carolyn S. (Jackson Hall – 01/15)
All of the staff made me feel comfortable from the first day to the last. They are the best. Thanks for everything!
Helen B. (Gig Harbor – 01/15)
The entire staff was amazing from the receptionist to the nurses, doctors and treatment technologists. They seemed to really care about me and my treatment.
Susan L. (Jackson Hall – 01/15)
The nursing staff is to be complimented - very efficient and competent.
Dean W. (Puyallup – 01/15)
Everyone was so friendly!
James B. (Puyallup – 01/15)
Fabulous, caring technologists! They made an unpleasant "bump" in life as pleasant as could be.
Christine M. (Puyallup – 01/15)
Thanks for making this such a knowledgeable and healing experience.
Susan G. (Jackson Hall – 01/15)
The radiation technologists were the most loving and kind-hearted people. Don't know what I'd have done without them.
Jane J. (St Joseph – 01/15)
The technologists were superior with help and questions!
Victoria H. (Puyallup – 01/15)
Absolutely the entire staff was so awesome. I was so comfortable during my treatments.
Joe S. (Gig Harbor – 01/15)
Thank you for the excellent care I received.
Deloris F. (Gig Harbor – 01/15)
I have been treated here twice and both times I have got nothing but the best care. The ladies in the back are the best ever!!!
Robert P. (Puyallup – 01/15)
Excellent service doesn't say enough. Every single person was exceptional.
Candy Y. (Jackson Hall – 01/15)
I had outstanding care and treatment. Everyone treated me with respect and kindness.
Margaret B. (Puyallup – 01/15)
Always considerate, copassionate and caring. Thank you for giving me additional support as there can never be too much.
Debra I. (Puyallup – 01/15)
I received outstanding care throughout my eight weeks of treatment. Thank you.
Robert T. (Puyallup – 01/15)
Outstanding group of health care professionals who were able to transform my insecurity and fear into hope and healing. BRAVO and thank you!
Nina W. (Jackson Hall – 01/15)
This is my second time with radiation and each time everyone has been wonderful. I couldn't say enough good things - everything was perfect!
Carolyn C. (St Joseph – 01/15)
The staff took good care of me.
Dawn F. (Jackson Hall – 01/15)
All was excellent - a good experience! Dr. Pittier was very sweet and compassionate - love her!
Judy C. (Jackson Hall – 01/15)
The staff made it a very pleasant experience. They were like angels. A wonderful group of people who work together like a team.
Patricia H. (Jackson Hall – 01/15)
The whole experience was great. Everyone was absolutely terrific.
Everett G. (Puyallup – 01/15)
You made my treatments easy for me. Thank you.
Myrtle B. (Gig Harbor – 01/15)
The "girls" were wonderful and a pleasure to see each day.
Angelo S. (Gig Harbor – 01/15)
Thank you for being so caring!
Betty B. (Jackson Hall – 12/14)
The nursing staff and doctor let me know what to expect and put me at ease. They were all so awesome.
Sharon T. (Jackson Hall – 12/14)
In my book, you're #1 for service, care and concern.
Richard L. (Gig Harbor – 12/14)
You are all fantastic! Your staff made every day of my treatment a very pleasant experience.
Xochi M. (Gig Harbor – 12/14)
Thanks to Nora, Thersea, Nicole, Clarence, Julie and Dr. Mastras. I am so blessed to have people like you in times like these.
Carolyn M. (Gig Harbor – 12/14)
Doing a great job! God Bless you all. Keep up the care and compassion that I felt during my visits.
Roger C. (Gig Harbor – 12/14)
I couldn't have wished for a better place to be treated. Everyone on my "team" was wonderful!
David S. (Gig Harbor – 12/14)
Difficult to improve upon perfection! Thanks for the great care.
Lyndal W. (Puyallup – 12/14)
I actually looked forward to coming to radiology each day because it was a happy place.
Sylvan D. (Puyallup – 12/14)
Everyone was very friendly and hospitable.
Lee D. (Puyallup – 12/14)
They made me feel happy and welcomed, even when I was a little worried!
Darrell T. (Puyallup – 12/14)
Everyone treated me very well and made me feel at ease.
Peter M. (St. Joseph – 12/14)
Everyone on staff was 100% good.
Campbell W. (St. Joseph – 12/14)
Great staff - Terrific service.
Ray V. (Gig Harbor – 12/14)
Theresa, Nora, Nicole, Clarence and Julia were very efficient, professional and courteous.
Richard M. (Gig Harbor – 12/14)
The staff - all such caring people!
Roy A. (Gig Harbor – 12/14)
They were perfect!
Marjorie B. (Gig Harbor – 12/14)
It was all excellent!
Steve M. (Gig Harbor – 12/14)
The team at Gig Harbor was outstanding. They were so friendly and respectful - great people!
Janice A. (Gig Harbor – 12/14)
All of the staff was always attentive and caring. I couldn't have found nicer people anywhere. I will miss them now that I'm finished with my therapy.
Maurice K. (St. Joseph – 12/14)
When I started therapy I felt hopeless, but the staff made it into an amazingly hopeful experience.
Deb L. (Puyallup – 12/14)
All staff was excellent. The techs in the radiation room turned a horrifying expereince into something not so scary.
Norma W. (Puyallup – 12/14)
Everyone was compassionate and professional. They made a trying experience very tolerable. Thank you.
Brett B. (Puyallup – 12/14)
The therapists were really helpful and listened to my concerns.
Balbirpal K. (Puyallup – 12/14)
The radiation techs were AMAZING! Sam, Sammi, Kendra, Holly and Lorena - all sweethearts with a heart of gold!
Cynthia D. (Puyallup – 12/14)
Dr. Mastras is kind, patient and shows true care. Theresa's smile every day was truly appreciated. Lori W.
Lori W. (Gig Harbor – 11/14)
Everyone I met was awesome, friendly and caring. Thank you.
Maria G. (Jackson Hall – 11/14)
Everyone was friendly and professional - a very pleasant experience.
Steven B. (Puyallup – 11/14)
Everyone was great! Thank you for being part of the team that saved my life!!
Gretchen B. (Gig Harbor – 11/14)
I cannot say enough about the thoughtfulness and care I received from the entire staff.
Jack T. (Gig Harbor – 11/14)
I can only think of one word to define your facility and all of the staff - AWESOME!
George B. (Gig Harbor – 11/14)
Everyone was so great - very respectful all of the time.
Arlene G. (Gig Harbor – 11/14)
They all treated me with care and understanding.
Juanita O. (St. Joseph – 11/14)
The entire crew was wonderful. Thank you for making a hard time so much easier!
Sally K. (Jackson Hall – 11/14)
I am so grateful for the life-extending, superb, compassionate care I received.
Beth S. (Jackson Hall – 11/14)
The entire staff was wonderful.
Carol K. (Jackson Hall – 11/14)
Love you guys! You all were great!
Takko W. (Jackson Hall – 11/14)
This was an incredibly positive experience - true caring professionals!
Lori A. (Jackson Hall – 11/14)
Keep up the good job. I will miss the wonderful and compassionate staff! They became my friends.
MaryLu T. (Jackson Hall – 11/14)
As unbelievable as it may sound, we looked forward to my radiation treatments because of your great staff. Thank you for that!
Diane W. (Gig Harbor – 10/14)
I deeply appreciated the compassion and understanding from the technicians and nurses to the front desk and doctors.
Thomas M. (Gig Harbor – 10/14)
Everyone was so friendly and compassionate. A great place to go during a difficult time!
Mona M. (Puyallup – 10/14)
I was well taken care of. I could not have asked for anything more.
Adele V. (Jackson Hall – 10/14)
The entire staff was professional and kind. I have such a heart of gratitude for all those involved with my care.
Beverly C. (Jackson Hall – 10/14)
Everyone is so friendly. I love them. Thank you very much.
Name W. (09/14 – Gig Harbor)
Everyone on your staff is wonderful. Dr. Mastras is the best doctor ever. Thank you so much.
Carol R. (09/14 – Gig Harbor)
Incredible staff!
Lorry G. (09/14 – St Joseph)
It was the hardest time in my life and they helped me through it. Dr. Mastras was excellent.
Rebecca P. (09/14 – Gig Harbor)
The staff took extra time to educate me and my husband about the procedure. We had many questions! The knowledge calmed my fears and changed my experience. Such a kind and caring staff!
Lucinda B. (09/14 – Gig Harbor)
I just love all the staff. I was treated so well when I came for my treatments each and every time! Thank you.
Nancy C. (09/14 – Jackson Hall)
You cannot improve on perfection! I am grateful and thankful for such a wonderful facility and over-the-top caring doctors and staff.
Randall R. (09/14 – Puyallup)
Thank you all for such great care!
Travis L. (09/14 – Puyallup)
All services were beyond excellent!
Roger L. (09/14 – Puyallup)
The cheerful "Hello's" from the receptionist and nurses were great. The treatment technologists were outstanding! Thank you.
Gary N. (Puyallup – 08/14)
I appreciate the flexible scheduling. I had to make several time schedule changes which were made without any hesitation.
Cleo C. (Gig Harbor – 08/14)
Everyone was so attentive and kind - a lovely staff.
Dorothy B. (Jackson Hall – 08/14)
You are the Best!
Beatrice G. (Gig Harbor – 08/14)
Everything was excellent and the staff was sweet.
Margaret E. (Jackson Hall – 08/14)
I have always been treated with compassion and dignity. I could not ask for better care.
Rayla M. (Jackson Hall – 08/14)
You were all so kind! Thank you for your wonderful care. God Bless You All.
Connie O. (St Joseph – 08/14)
The staff was good in all ways and great fun!
Charles B. (Jackson Hall – 07/14)
Everyone was genuine and was concerned with my wellbeing.
Thelma E. (Jackson Hall – 07/14)
You were very professional and friendly. I'm glad I chose your facility.
Alan C. (St Joseph – 07/14)
Wonderful, wonderful care and concern for me. Keep up the good work!!
Linda G. (Gig Harbor – 07/14)
Very professional and pleasing.
Alfred B. (Puyallup – 07/14)
A very pleasant experience.
Audrey P. (Jackson Hall – 06/14)
Teresa, Norma and Angelina were absolutely wonderful - great staff all around!
Christine B. (Gig Harbor – 06/14)
Dr. Ann Pittier is outstanding and all of the staff is excellent. Linda, Nicole, Trisha, Stephanie, Michelle, Jo and Ellen were super!
Pamela K. (Jackson Hall – 06/14)
Well done!
Terry B. (St Joseph – 06/14)
Great Gig Harbor Team!
Allan R. (Gig Harbor – 06/14)
The entire staff is so helpful, friendly and caring. I'm glad this is where my doctor sent me.
Cathy O. (Puyallup – 06/14)
Fantastic treatment for me!
Earl F. (Jackson Hall – 06/14)
Everyone was so friendly and showed how much they cared starting with the door greeter. Everyone was very nice.
Judie F (Puyallup – 06/14)
Everyone involved did their upmost to help in every way. They were very friendly and professional in their manner.
Harry W (Puyallup – 06/14)
The staff was very kind, caring and professional. Dr. Mastras listened well and gave me the time I needed. He is very dedicated and passionate about his work. Thanks for saving my life.
Jim A (Jackson Hall – 06/14)
The most attentive and best staff I have ever experienced - from the time I stepped in the front office to the nursing station to the technicians. Love it! Thank you.
Rica H (Jackson Hall – 06/14)
I consider myself blessed, lucky and privileged to be treated so incredibly well. Dr. Mastras is my favorite doctor ever!
Lute L (Jackson Hall – 06/14)
I am blessed and lucky to have such a wonderful team - from my primary doctor to the surgeon to the oncology doctor - the best team ever!
Mary T (Jackson Hall – 06/14)
I enjoyed everyone - all the big hugs and great smiles. You are all great!
Melissa G (Jackson Hall – 06/14)
This is a very nice facility and an awesome staff.
Kristi T (Gig Harbor – 06/14)
Wonderful, friendly service.
Bob M. (5/14 – St Joseph)
Everyone at this center treated me with compassion and respect. I felt like this was my second family.
Robert S. (05/14 – St Joseph)
The staff treated me very well and made dealing with this tough health problem as good as it could be.
Robert B. (05/14 – St Joseph)
Wonderful office and staff.
Barbara B. (05/14 – Puyallup)
Excellent people!
John P. (05/14 – Puyallup)
The staff was cheerful, upbeat, positive, efficient, friendly, kind and understanding. I was always greeted coming and going.
Karol R. (05/14 – Puyallup)
All of the staff was great and treated me with lots of compassion.
Ellen S. (05/14 – Jackson Hall)
If I ever have cancer again, I want to be at Jackson Hall.
Gayle L. (05/14 – Jackson Hall)
I'm so glad I chose this center. Everyone was amazing and helped make my treatment easier. Thank you.
Rosa B. (Puyallup – 04/14)
Dr. Mastras, Dr. Pittier, the nurses, the technicians, and front office were great!
Roy S. (Jackson Hall – 04/14)
I feel that my treatment was excellent. I have the highest regard for my caregivers. Thank you.
Rayla M. (Gig Harbor – 04/14)
Everybody is awesome!!
Veronica B. (St Joseph – 04/14)
It was a pleasure and a great experience to be treated by such nice, professional people.
Richard F. (Jackson Hall – 04/14)
Wonderful people! They were great all of the time. What an excellent experience!
Charlene G. (Jackson Hall – 04/14)
Everyone made the week go so fast. Thanks for being so nice and making me feel so comfortable.
Pat M. (Gig Harbor – 04/14)
My family and I "Thank you All" for the patience, love, and compassion given during such hard times.
Maria T. (St Joseph – 04/14)
You Guys Rock!
Kerry P (Puyallup – 03/14)
I looked forward to my treatments due to your awesome staff!
Betty L (Puyallup – 03/14)
The staff here is so very helpful and compassionate. Thank you!
Wendy T (St Joseph – 03/14)
Your cancer center has such a peaceful feeling when one enters. Everyone is helpful and welcoming.
Judy W (Gig Harbor – 03/14)
Thank you for the care you gave Joel and the support you gave me.
Joel and Connie S (St Joseph – 03/14)
Thank you for your tender and compassionate care!
Jerry O. (St Joseph – 03/14)
Wonderful, thoughtful, caring staff! Made the journey more tolerable.
Ruth K. (St Joseph – 03/14)
Thank you for always being professional, respectful, kind and friendly for each visit I had in your clinic. Your days can be long but you never let this get in the way of your job.
Nancy A. (St Joseph – 03/14)
I enjoyed the warm, friendly, positive, professional attitude displayed by the staff.
Daniel P. (St Joseph – 03/14)
I especially appreciate the extra attention given to this patient who suffers from Alzheimer's disease.
Karen L. (Jackson Hall – 03/14)
This Cancer Center helped to make an unpleasant experience as good as possible! I would highly recommend them.
James H. (Puyallup – 03/14)
You can't improve on perfect! The first two ladies I first saw as I walked in always had beautiful smiles. They made my day.
Katie B. (Puyallup – 03/14)
The staff was very friendly, professional, and sympathetic. They made the six weeks go so fast!
Sandra B. (Puyallup – 03/14)
Everyone was the best in all areas - so very sweet to me!
Geraldine G. (Jackson Hall – 01/14)
You have a wonderful staff. Each one was warm, caring and responsive to my questions and concerns.
Claudia M. (Jackson Hall – 01/14)
The radiation staff truthfully worked as a team alleviating stress to the patient (myself) with their excellent problem-solving skills!
Debra S. (Puyallup – 01/14)
Thank you for all your help. I'm overwhelmed by the support and care that was given!
Patrick O. (Puyallup – 01/14)
Julia was wonderful. The radiation ladies were very professional and helpful.
Debbie K. (Gig Harbor – 01/14)
I was always treated like family. God Bless You all!
James M. (St Joseph – 01/14)
This was the best service and treatment I have ever received - Outstanding!
Jacqueline C. (St Joseph – 01/14)
Everyone made this as enjoyable as possible - always smiling and caring. I love them all.
Lynne J. (Puyallup, 01/2014)
The staff made treatment very easy and as quick as possible.
William F. (Puyallup, 01/2014)
Couldn't ask for a better group of pro's. It was a pleasure knowing the whole team.
Barry B. (Puyallup, 01/2014)
The radiation techs are all outstanding!
George M. (Puyallup, 01/2014)
Everyone was so kind. They could not have been more loving and caring.
Alice N (Jackson Hall, 12/2013)
Fantastic people! All of them made it a pleasant experience.
Grace Anne H. (Gig Harbor/12/2013)
Wonderful doctor and staff - I always enjoyed the staff as did my son who had to wait for me.
Carol C. (St Joseph/12/2013)
I have never met more wonderful people!
Paul H. (St Joseph/12/2013)
The staff was excellent and a lot of fun!
Boots E. (Puyallup/12/2013)
Staff members are wonderful!!
Dini D. (Jackson Hall – 12/13)
Thank you for all you did for me. I am so thankful for all of you.
Carla V. (Jackson Hall – 12/13)
Everyone was so wonderful - it felt like we were family. Thank you for making this stressful time such a good experience.
Diane D. (Gig Harbor – 12/13)
Your staff is a wonderful gift to patients dealing with a very anxious time in their lives.
Richard H. (Puyallup – 12/13)
I really appreciated everyone! Very understanding and concerned.
Nancy K. (Puyallup – 12/13)
Excellent experience - Caring, very knowledgeable, familiarized with the patient's individual medical history and needs, respectful, personal and positive. Thanks!
Ann A. (St Joseph – 12/13)
Treatments went very smooth - a very positive experience.
John D. (Puyallup – 12/13)
It was my husband who was under treatment. He has dementia and yet they treated him with such care.
Marian S. (Gig Harbor – 12/13)
They were all perfect! I loved them all.
Bonnie B. (St Joseph – 12/13)
Thank you! I am grateful for the excellent care along with the smiles.
Claudia M. (Jackson Hall – 10/13)
The experience with Dr. Pittier and the entire staff was the best I have ever experienced in medical care. Kudos!!
Tomi C. (Jackson Hall – 10/13)
The people are amazing. I couldn't ask for more.
Sandra R. (Puyallup – 10/13)
Everyone was great! Thank you.
Sandra A. (Puyallup – 10/13)
The staff was outstanding and highly trained. I loved them!
David N. (Puyallup – 10/13)
Today was my last day of treatment out of 16. The time flew by very fast with such a wonderful staff taking care of me.
Marie G. (Puyallup – 10/13)
Outstanding care and compassion as I navigated breast cancer radiation therapy.
Gloria J. (Puyallup – 10/13)
Your kindness and professional treatment that you provided made my whole series of visits a very pleasant experience. Thank you so much!
Reynold C. (Jackson Hall – 10/13)
My radiation journey was wonderful thanks to your staff. Thank you!
Roberta L. (Jackson Hall – 10/13)
The staff was very professional, courteous, and more than willing to help. A great heartfelt experience.
Peter H. (Jackson Hall – 10/13)
On my last treatment I cried because I wouldn't be seeing Jade, Trish, Lee and Sammy. It was like saying goodbye to family.
Darlyne S. (Jackson Hall – 10/13)
Everything they have done for me has been wonderful! I feel very well taken care of.
Carole G. (Gig Harbor – 10/13)
I could not have found a more wonderful place to receive my treatments.
Valerie W. (Gig Harbor – 10/13)
All of the ladies I dealt with were wonderful and Dr. Bergman is tops!
Elizabeth J. (Gig Harbor – 10/13)
Everyone has gone out of their way to make me comfortable. They were concerned and compassionate - what a great team!
JoAnne S. (St Joseph – 10/13)
I felt that I was treated with compassion.
Martha A. (St Joseph – 10/13)
The staff made what could have been a horrible situation so much better due to their caring and professionalism!
Maureen B. (St Joseph – 10/13)
I felt as if the staff personally new me. They were very caring.
Olivellen M. (St Joseph – 10/13)
On surveys I never like to mark excellent because there is always room for improvement, but they were so wonderful and a real blessing.
Lynn K (Gig Harbor – 09/13)
You are doing an excellent job in all ways! If I had to go through this, you made it the best possible experience.
Lois B (Jackson Hall – 09/13)
Everyone was great - just great!
Violet L (Jackson Hall – 09/13)
This group demonstrates an overall sense of professionalism balanced with kindness, attentiveness, and caring.
Dorothy (Gig Harbor) 08/13
Always helpful and compassionate with every situation.
Gary (St Joseph) 08/13
The doctors and staff were caring and worked well together. I would recommend this facility and staff to others for their care.
Elliott (Puyallup) 08/13
The staff was excellent. I could not ask for better!
Ann (St Joseph) 08/13
Everyone was so encouraging and positive - I felt total confidence in the outcome!
Linda (Puyallup) 8/13
True dedication to what they do - True care and concern for my well-being.
Anthony (St Joseph) 8/13
I would like to thank the staff for the attention and caring way they all made me feel at home with each appointment. Thanks again Alisha, Linda, Lisa, Clarence, Rachel, Stephanie, Angelina, Laura, Elaine and Dr. Mastras - Love You All!
Marlon (Jackson Hall) 08/2013
The staff made me feel like family.
Waltraud (St Joseph) 08/2013
Everyone at the Radiation Center in Gig Harbor was wonderful. They made the process easy and fast.
Mary (Gig Harbor) 08/2013
I would most definitely recommend the Puyallup Center for any procedures required.
Terry (Puyallup) 08/2013
All of you were wonderful and so helpful.
Daisy (Puyallup) 08/2013
Everyone was so nice to me.
Opal (Puyallup) 08/2013
Employees were extremely helpful and always in an upbeat mood.
William (Puyallup) 08/2013
Your staff gives quality, compassionate care - it was a pleasure under the circumstances.
Nancy (Jackson Hall) 07/13
Great, caring staff particularly Alisha and Jade who helped me through a difficult and painful process. Thank you!
Diane (Jackson Hall) 07/13
Very blessed and grateful that cancer care services are available in Gig Harbor!!
Sharon (Gig Harbor) 07/13
Thank you for the excellent care.
Sally (Puyallup) 07/13
Your staff was more than excellent, courteous, and wonderful. Keep all of them - they were awesome. Thank you a million times.
Mady (Puyallup) 07/13
At a time when things were very stressful, your people were wonderful!
John (Puyallup) 07/13
They were like family while I was there.
Winona (St Joseph) 06/13
Very courteous and professional!
Waltraud (St Joseph) 06/13
They made me feel like everyone in the office cared about me and how I felt.
Edward (Gig Harbor) 06/13
Thank you - Thank you - Thank you!
Aase (Puyallup) 06/13
All aspects of my care were very satisfactory. All of the staff was wonderful day after day, and I felt a special fondness for everyone.
Howard (Puyallup) 06/13
Patty went out of her way to ease my concerns. Everyone was very supportive.
Sandra (Puyallup) 06/13
Very outstanding crew - I would give them a special rating of 10.
John (Puyallup) 06/13
Everyone was professional and friendly. They made a scary situation not so scary. Thank you!
Bonnie (Puyallup) 06/13
Thank you so much for taking such good care of me. Thank you to all of the nice ladies - Sandy, Susie, Stephanie, Lai, Angelina, and Alisha - for their help and thoughtfulness.
Christa (Jackson Hall) 05/2013
Excellent Service! It was nice to always be greeted with smiles! An unpleasant experience was made fun by the staff.
Robin (Jackson Hall) 05/2013
I will miss everyone there!
Margaret (Jackson Hall) 05/2013
The whole staff was great! Kudos to all and thank you for putting up with me.
Barbara (Puyallup) 05/2013
Thank you for your excellent care! God Bless you all!
Galina (St Joseph) 05/2013
The care I received was outstanding. Thank you.
Ralph (Puyallup) 05/2013
Everyone was perfect!
Stephen (Puyallup) 05/2013
I have never been given such excellent care by everyone here compared to any other office.
Barbara (Jackson Hall – 05/13)
All the nurses, doctors, and staff were very nice, understanding, and compassionate. They answered all of my questions and concerns and made sure I was always comfortable.
Jackie (Jackson Hall – 05/13)
I was treated like a friend not a "cancer patient." Everyone was genuinely concerned about my welfare. Thank you!
Christine (St Joseph – 05/13)
I actually enjoyed my visits!
Ken (Puyallup – 05/13)
The clinic staff was very professional and friendly. Thanks.
Bill (Puyallup – 05/13)
The doctor was very courteous and did not make me feel rushed. She did not seem impatient or in a hurry to go to the next patient. She made me feel comfortable and at ease.
Sandra Jo (Puyallup – 05/13)
It was a nice experience. Hope I never have to go through it again, but if I do, I would be less scared.
Arlene (Puyallup – 05/13)
The very best part of my treatment experience was the welcoming, friendly, caring and encouraging staff!
Jane (Puyallup – 05/13)
Everything was really excellent! Thank you all.
Avis (Jackson Hall) 4.05.13
The doctor and staff were as good and helpful as anyone could be. They were so kind and caring. I could not have asked for more.
Wilma (Jackson Hall) 4.05/13
Thank you for making my treatment so pleasant.
Kirk (St Joseph) 4.07.13
Every person I came in contact with showed great compassion for the cancer journey I'm on, as well as professional excellence.
Brenda (St Joseph) 4.06.13
Many thanks to the team for their compassionate care during my treatment.
Margo (Gig Harbor) 4.05.13
Really you were all exceptional!!! If I had to have radiation treatment again, I would want it with you.
Patricia (Gig Harbor) 04.03/13
Everyone was kind, helpful, and friendly during my many weeks of treatment.
Margaret (Puyallup) 4.15/13
The staff members always treated me as a person with a name - not just as "the next radiation treatment". The Certificate of Completion and gift were a pleasant surprise and a touching moment for me. Thank you so much.
Jonnie (Puyallup) 4.05/13
Keep doing what you're doing!! Wonderful staff.
Denise (Puyallup) 4.03.13
Excellent experience all the way!
Carl (Puyallup) 4.01.13
Very professional, upbeat and friendly. They had lots of concern for everyone.
Richard (Puyallup – 03/13)
Your staff always had a smile and were genuinely interested in my day.
Jeremy (St. Joseph – 03/13)
I could not have asked for better care – all of the staff went above and beyond to make sure I was comfortable with the entire process. I will actually miss you all.
Angela (Jackson Hall – 03/13)
All staff was very helpful! Very kind and considerate! Thank you for making this pleasant for us.
Charles (St Joseph – 02/13)
Thanks to Dr. Michael McDonough and team. They made my treatment with their compassion and kindness a lot easier to endure and heal. God Bless
Anonymous (St Joseph – 02/13)
Awesome staff – keep hiring friendly, smiling, caring people! Barbara
(St Joseph – 02/13)
My time here was very pleasurable.
Debra (Puyallup – 02/13)
Fabulous radiation therapist and staff!!
Tamara (Jackson Hall – 02/13)
Loved all the beautiful crocheted throws – so cozy and warm. My experience at your center, while not something I wanted, was very comfortable and loving. Thanks to the wonderful staff especially Susie, Lee and Sandy.
Karen (Jackson Hall – 02/13)
Always smiling and happy every day. Wonderful staff. They really work well together. Great teamwork!
Yvonne (St Joseph – 02/13)
The staff went out of their way to cheer me up and make my daily treatments bearable.
Patrick (Puyallup – 02/13)
You were all my angels.
Gloria (St. Joseph – 02/13)
All the staff was great. I could not have gotten better care anywhere else.
Richard (Puyallup – 02/13)
I was treated with the utmost respect and was made very comfortable from staff and doctors.
Gary (Puyallup – 2/13)
The staff is warm, caring, and so helpful. I can’t praise their actions enough.
Evelyn (Puyallup – 01/13)
My dad is very pleased with the service here – such a caring place. I come here with him every day and agree with him.
Sophal (St. Joseph – 01/13)
Dr. Tran is amazing – very exact, careful, and responsive. All the staff and technicians were consistently sensitive, friendly, and kind. They couldn’t be better.
Valerie (Puyallup – 01/13)
The entire staff and doctor had the utmost respect and compassion for me as a person – not just a diagnosis!!
Brenda (Jackson Hall – 12/12)
Everyone treated us with respect and made us feel comfortable. They answered all of our questions and were an absolutely wonderful group of people. Thanks so much.
Jim (Puyallup – 12/12)
Everyone was so friendly and easy to be around. I wasn’t anxious about coming here at all.
Leslie (Puyallup – 12/12)
Everyone was wonderful – always telling me what was happening, friendly, helpful and very concerned about my wellbeing.
Patricia (Jackson Hall – 12/12)
I can’t put into words how exceptional the whole staff was.
Dick (Puyallup – 12/12)
The doctor and staff were great! They made it a much more tolerable experience with their kindness and interest in me as a person.
Anonymous (Gig Harbor – 10/12)
I appreciate the clarity of explanation as to what would, could, and could not be accomplished with treatment.
Louis (Puyallup – 10/12)
Dr. Bittner and the radiology staff went above and beyond to provide me with the care I needed. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Rick (Puyallup – 10/12)
Your compassion made my “journey” almost enjoyable. The technologists and girls in the office became my dear friends. I was blessed not to need chemo.
Susanne (Puyallup – 09/12)
The staff – Julia, Stephanie, Nora, Dr. Bergman, Carol, Nicole and Jack are professional and fabulous supporters. I could not have been treated any better!
Sharon (Gig Harbor – 09/12)
You’ve got a good thing going. Don’t change anything. Outstanding, professional, efficient, friendly staff – My anxiety disappeared on my first visit and the next 32 visits became a pleasant routine. My thanks and appreciation to all who accomplished this.
Teresa (St. Joseph – 09/12)
I cannot say enough nice things – They were all so accommodating and took me early in the morning so I could get to work.
Billye (St. Joseph – 09/12)
This is the most courteous office I’ve ever been in!! No need to improve! The staff was always in a good mood and went out of their way to accommodate my work schedule.
Jeanne (Puyallup – 09/12)
The upbeat attitude of the staff helped me to remain positive during the most stressful time in my life. Thank you for that.
Debi (Gig Harbor – 09/12)
The staff is second to none and each appointment was fantastic.
Dana (St. Joseph – 09/12)
Staff was outstanding. Doctor is excellent.
Calvin (Jackson Hall – 08/12)
I have been so well treated by your staff – receptionist, doctors, and everyone. Thank you so much.
Betty (Puyallup – 08/12)
The whole staff made a difficult time more pleasant.
Wanda (Puyallup – 08/12)
Five days a week for seven weeks seemed so daunting, but it went by quickly! All the staff was so positive and respectful. Except for minor skin problems, my treatment was a pleasant experience. Thank you.
Karen (Jackson Hall – 08/12)
You were great! The staff and doctor had my best interest at heart. It was a very good experience.
Neal (Jackson Hall – 08/12)
Thank you for all your care and compassion.
Carrie (St. Joseph – 07/12/12)
A very well-run facility. Very low key. I was excellently cared for.
Paul (Gig Harbor – 07/14/12)
The staff assisted me greatly with my CPAP machine in order to breathe easy during my sessions.
Docia (St. Joseph – 07/02/12)
The service by all of the doctors and staff was of the highest quality.
Shizuko (St. Joseph – 07/02/12)
Excellent service, caring staff, and professional in all aspects.
John (St. Joseph – 07/05/12)
Everybody was terrific. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.
Connie (Gig Harbor – 07/06/12)
You are on top of it all! Everyone was pleasant and made me fell good. My thank-you’s to all.
Mary (Puyallup – 06/29/12)
The staff all treated me with dignity and concern. They always had a smile on their faces.
Cheryl Ann (Puyallup – 07/11/12)
Everyone was pleasant – called you by your name and always said goodbye and have a good day.
Julia(St. Joseph – 06/12)
I thank my God for the care, kindness, and treatment I received at Tacoma Valley Radiation Oncology Centers. I pray I find such a place to work. Everyone there is amazing.
Freda (Jackson Hall – 06/12)
You people are a CLASS act all the way. I bowled a 254 last Wednesday!!!
Philip (Puyallup – 06/12)
Everyone was super – keep up the great support! What a professional, caring team. As a team and medical “family” we faced treatment together with humor, efficiency and hope.
Elizabeth (St. Joseph – 06/12)
I could not have been in better hands than those of my team at Tacoma Valley Radiation Oncology Center!
Wanda (Jackson Hall – 05/21/12)
For being in the tough position of a cancer patient, I had the best experience with everyone I encountered. Thank you. I love you all!
Katie (Jackson Hall – 05/11/12)
All staff had big smiles, warm hugs when needed, and treated me as a special person every day. I wasn’t just another number in line.
Debbie (Puyallup – 05/15/12)
Just excellent treatment from beginning to end.
Don (Gig Harbor – 05/11/12)
Thank you for your caring attention.
K.G. (Jackson Hall – 05/10/12)
You have a fantastic group of people; friendly and compassionate – couldn’t be a better group of people.
Kerin (Puyallup – 05/12)
It was a very stressful time and everyone made me almost look forward to my treatments!
Martie (Puyallup – 04/27/12)
The staff, technologists, and doctors made an unbearable situation livable. Thank you.
Billie (St. Joseph – 04/30/12)
Stephanie, Nora, Carol, Lily and Dr. Bergman were always positive and cheerful. Thanks so much to these wonderful people.
Christine (Gig Harbor – 04/20/12)
As a patient, I need to be cared, loved, and concerned for. At Jackson Hall Medical Center, I have been treated as I expected. So I would like to say thank you to all of the staff: Clarence, Linda, Nicole, Lisa, Alisha, Sandy, Stephanie and especially to Dr. Pittier. May God bless you all.
Anh (Jackson Hall – 04/16/12)
Every person who works here is so caring and friendly. They truly made you feel as comfortable as possible.
Pamela (Jackson Hall – 04/17/12)
This experience was a very trying time for me. The entire staff was compassionate and patient with me. They made me as comfortable as possible. Thank you!
Kelly (Jackson Hall – 04/18/12)
Everyone I have been in contact with at the treatment center could not have been any more caring. May God bless all of them for their kindness.
Wilhelmine (St. Joseph -04/18/12)
I really appreciate the consideration and care I received. I hope and believe it worked and I am cancer free.
Mark (Jackson Hall – 04/05/12)
You have the best staff working for you. I would not trade them for the world. Keep up the good work!
Derrick (St. Joseph – 04/04/12)
I love you all and will miss you. All were great with a smile! God bless you all. Take care. This is the place to come because they care.
Artitia (Jackson Hall – 04/12)
The receptionist was so kind, understanding, and nice. Teresa and Lesley were angels. They did their best to prevent more pain and their cheerfulness was so contagious and uplifting. They are definitely keepers!
Diane (St. Joseph – 03/29/12)
It was an incredibly positive experience thru a difficult time. Your staff made me feel so loved and cared for!
Sharon (Puyallup – 03/28/12)
Everything is working great. All of the techs are excellent workers and caring individuals. You have a great crew working here.
William (Puyallup – 03/23/12)
The best staff I ever encountered in the health field. They’re the BEST!
Karen (Puyallup – 03/15/12)
My husband passed away during my treatment. They promptly made sure I had insurance resources and more healthcare options.
June (Gig Harbor – 03/16/12)
Very professional business. I had an excellent time with everyone. Keep up the good work. God Bless you.
Richard (Jackson Hall – 03/08/12)
Cancer is scary. You helped me believe in the positive outcome we all worked toward!
Anne (Puyallup – 03/02/12)
The team was great! What could have been scary was very pleasant.
Chris (Puyallup – 02/27/12)
They were awesome! The entire group was so great, comforting and informative to help ease my fears.
Carolyn (Jackson Hall – 02/01/12)
Everyone was very helpful and treated me well.
Daniel (St. Joseph – 02/03/12)
The staff, techs and nurses displayed professionalism, competency and compassion.
Jan (Puyallup – 02/06/12)
A special thank you for Susie, Dr. Mastras, Stephanie, and other staff. You are truly fine people whose care of patients is appreciated.
Judith (Jackson Hall – 02/12)
Outstanding! Julia – always with a smile and warm welcome. Special thanks to the technologists, especially Stephanie and Teresa – always cheerful and informative.
Vincent (Gig Harbor – 01/24/12)
The treatment I received could not have been better. From the staff to doctors, it was amazing!
Richard (St. Joseph – 01/25/12)
The staff was very friendly and made me very comfortable – really great people!
Kenneth (Jackson Hall – 01/26/12)
Dr. Bergman and his staff are very caring, helpful and kind. I wouldn’t change anything!
Lori (Gig Harbor – 01/24/12)
Dr. Bittner, associates and staff were very professional but also warm and understanding.
James (Puyallup – 01/13/12)
The entire “team” was awesome, always making me feel comfortable and well cared for. Just what is needed during this trying time. Thank you!!!
Rhonda (Jackson Hall – 01/05/12)
Could not have been treated better – great staff - lucky me!!!
Katherine (Puyallup – 01/05/12)
During this difficult time, the entire staff was very supportive and helped get me through this!
Judy (Jackson Hall – 01/12/12)
“They were the best.” They turned a hard time into pure sunshine.
Kathie (Jackson Hall – 01/10/12)
I had a SAVI implant and received radiation treatment at Tacoma Valley Radiation Oncology. I would like to let everyone to know that all the personnel was very, very courteous and nice, from the receptionist to the doctors. Sandy and her crew that did the treatment were always so nice and answered any questions I had fully so that I would understand completely what was happening. They treated me as a person – not just a body being treated. I was very pleased with my treatment and would recommend it and the facility to anyone that was considering treatment.
Dorothy (Jackson Hall – 12/11)
The staff was reassuring, caring and professional at a very difficult and needful time in my life. The humor and light touch meant a great deal.
Shirley (St. Joseph – 12/15/11)
I couldn’t ask for a better experience. Great crew with a great attitude. Thank you!!
Frank (St. Joseph – 12/11)
Theresa and Stephanie especially made me comfortable and at ease. I was very well cared for.
John (Gig Harbor – 12/24/11)
I think all areas of care were addressed with compassion, care, and utmost professionalism. Having cancer is scary enough, but I can honestly say that all of the staff made me as comfortable as possible. God Bless!
Kevin (St Joseph – 12/5/11)
No matter how bad I felt when I went in, the smiles and positive attitude made me feel better when I left.
Everett (Jackson Hall – 12/6/11)
Your kindness and care made this difficult time much easier to go through. Thank you.
Lorraine (Jackson Hall – 12/13/11)
I enjoyed being a radiation patient with such highly qualified, friendly and kind medical personnel.
Eldora (Puyallup – 12/2/11)
The total atmosphere put me at ease. The staff treated me like I was a friend – not a patient. Thanks!
Dawne (Puyallup – 12/3/11)
All staff was kind, caring and compassionate.
Carolyn (Gig Harbor – 11/22/11)
The “girls” are very sweet and gentle. I love all of you!! Thank you so much.
Cora (Jackson Hall – 11/02/11)
I felt very comfortable while being treated by the staff. They were very professional.
Byron (St. Joseph – 11/25/11)
Great, caring staff – They make you feel like you are the most important thing in their day!
Eva (St. Joseph – 11/21/11)
The entire staff operated with an excellence I’ve never seen to this degree.
Joanne (Puyallup – 12/05/11)
I have never enjoyed going to a medical office until coming here. You all are wonderful, kind and compassionate. I enjoyed my stay but now it is time to move on. Thanks.
Laura (Jackson Hall – 11/18/11)
Your services were excellent. The radiation staff were some of the nicest medical personnel I have met anywhere.
Lynn (Puyallup – 11/25/11)
The whole staff especially the nurses and techs were kind and sweet.
Donna (Puyallup – 10/19/11)
I was given excellent care from all of the staff. Everyone from the receptionist to the staff doing the radiation to the doctors were all very caring.
Timothy (Puyallup – 10/20/11)
The dear efforts that you are doing to eliminate patients’ bodily and financial suffering will surely get God’s acceptance and people’s appreciation. Thank you.
Mohamed (Puyallup – 10/23/11)
Everything went as planned. Words cannot express how I feel about the kindness and attention I was given as well as the support. Thank you so much.
David (Jackson Hall – 10/11/11)
Can’t improve on excellence. :)
Charles (St. Joseph – 10/23/11)
You guys are perfect. Thank you to all the doctors, nurses, receptionist – everyone for making the experience as comfortable as can be. You made it easier and not so scary.
Sharon (St. Joseph – 10/13/11)
I cannot add enough in their favor. I have the highest respect for everyone here as well as for the care and concern I received!!
Ora (St. Joseph – 09/29/11)
The staff and everyone were so helpful. We both liked Dr. Wang very much. He is so easy to talk to.
Loren (St. Joseph – 09/29/11)
I love the confidence and comfort that your staff made me feel during my stay.
Robert (Jackson Hall – 09/29/11)
A special “thank you” to all of the staff at the Puyallup office. Everyone was wonderful to me. I will miss you.
Frankie (Puyallup – 09/29/11)
The staff was very professional, kind, and pleasant to be around. I felt pampered at all times!
Tyrone (Puyallup – 09/29/11)
The entire staff was so friendly and knowledgeable! They helped make this radiation experience so much easier.
Donna (Jackson Hall – 08/23/11)
They all do a wonderful job. The front desk staff treated me and my grandchildren like family – even giving them a graduation gift when I was done. I tell everyone to go there for their radiation.
Betty (St. Joseph – 08/23/11)
Your staff was always wonderfully polite and genuinely happy to see me every day of my treatment.
Jodi (Puyallup – 08/31/11)
All details of my treatment were conducted with great attentiveness and professionalism.
Reginald (Gig Harbor – 08/22/11)
The care I received has been excellent. The staff is very compassionate, caring and professional. I was in very good hands.
Vern (Jackson Hall – 08/22/11)
How can you improve when you are perfect? Thanks for the great experience.
Tom (Gig Harbor – 08/15/11)
I received great service – very respectful and kind. You all helped save my life and that’s a big deal!
Roger (St. Joseph – 08/16/11)
The treatment techs’ smiles and attitudes made having to be here much more pleasant.
Robert (Puyallup – 08/13/11)
The staff was wonderful. I wish that all of my treatment was done here. I will actually “miss” the staff.
Sandee (Puyallup – 08/02/11)
Thanks for making one of the scariest moments of my life a lot more bearable. Thanks for the smiles, the good music, and the grape candy!
Terry (St. Joseph – 08/02/11)
The staff and doctor are wonderful. They made me feel that I can fight this.
Joyce (St. Joseph – 07/31/11)
For the first time in my life, including Vietnam, I was really scared. Due to the compassion and professionalism of Dr. Bergman as well as the staff, my fears were laid to rest.
Earl (Gig Harbor – 07/29/11)
You’re all doing an excellent job.
Iris (Jackson Hall – 09/28/11)
Great service!
James (St. Joseph – 07/28/11)
I was so pleased with everyone – how kind and thoughtful. It wasn’t so scary.
Barb (Jackson Hall – 07/26/11)
Thank you for the great care. You are all the best – the doctors, nurses and staff.
Julia (Puyallup)
My first contact (Lisa) worked hard to accommodate my schedule and was always gentle and caring.
Pamela (Jackson Hall)
My experience was wonderful. Everyone in the office was pleasant, knowledgeable and most important caring and compassionate. I will miss everyone! I was so impressed with Dr. Pittier from my very first time meeting her. She had studied me and my story and that was so impressive to know she had already invested in me prior to ever seeing me. I really liked the fact that I saw her every week. It is comforting to know she cares and wanted to see how things were progressing. The technicians, Linda, Lisa, Nicole, Clarence and Sandy were also wonderful. I truly will miss all of them. Their professionalism and knowledge is also superb. Thank you for always brightening my day and providing the best care for me. Thank you Elaine, Gaye, and everyone!!
Mary (Jackson Hall)
Your medical team was outstanding, treating me with respect, courtesy, and friendliness. They should be commended for their outstanding service.
Archie (Jackson Hall)
The staff was friendly, answered my questions, calmed my fears, upbeat, and made my experience comfortable. They were excellent in every way.
June (Puyallup)
Dr. Pittier is the BEST!! I would recommend anyone who has to go through radiation to come here.
Kimberly (Jackson Hall)
Doctors and nurses were very excellent and made you feel very comfortable. Nurse Susi was one of the best medical personnel I have ever met in my lifetime!
Leonard (Jackson Hall)
The staff was exceptional. The doctor was compassionate and caring. I don’t believe I have ever experienced such wonderful care.
Deborah (Jackson Hall)
The radiation technicians were very attentive and courteous. I enjoyed the pleasant and positive atmosphere, which made it easy to endure my 35 radiation treatment sessions. And, of course, Dr. Dean Mastras, is the BEST in the business there is.
Phyllis (Jackson Hall)
A big thanks for the professionalism and courtesy of the entire staff!
Russell (Puyallup)
A special thanks to Clarence, Linda, Lisa, Nicole, Jason, Susie, Gaye, Sandy, and Dr. Mastras for their great treatment of me!
Lynden (Jackson Hall)
Absolutely excellent service, communication, and customer service/support! Very caring attitudes of all staff.
JoAnn (Gig Harbor)
Excellent care by terrific “radiators” – Thank you Lisa, Linda, Clarence, Nicole, Sandy and Gaye.
Merle (Jackson Hall)
Very caring staff – made the whole experience much easier. Thank you!
Janice (Puyallup)
Dr. Bittner and his staff all did an amazing job!
Dave R.
Couldn’t have asked for better care or more caring staff! Thanks to All!
Rita H.
Wonderful and caring staff. We love you all!
LuVern C.
The staff was great.
Robert Y.
I was treated with respect and compassion. I got to know the staff like they were family. We all cried on the last day of my radiation treatments.
Nina D.
My side effects were less than normal. Your staff is amazing! I love them.
Judy R.
The excellent care I received from Sandy, Susie, Gaye and Lai at Jackson Hall, especially the doctors, were all outstanding. They all made me feel so comfortable.
Kathleen V.
The doctors and radiation team were the best! I could not have had a better experience.
James N.
Great staff!
Donald S.
Everyone was very nice. The staff was very attentive to my needs. Thanks so much! :)
Dr. Bittner & his staff are truly caring & professional. They treated my father with such compassion and professionalism that I switched my care from Federal Way to Dr. Bittner. I’m so grateful and thankful for the treatment & care received during my illness. I look forward to my continued care during my follow-up visits. This staff is truly world class.
The staff is wonderful. Everyone is so personable.
Dr. Bittner, techs & staff are wonderful. It would be a better experience if other medical facilities & the people were just as wonderful. Very much appreciated – God Bless :)
Everyone was so caring & thoughtful. Wonderful staff!
Dr. Sanders came recommended from my surgeon, Dr. Feucht. He was always very thorough during my weekly visits, and never hesitated answering questions/concerns I may have presented. The staff became my interim support network the 6.5 weeks I had treatment, so very pleased with the overall experience, despite challenging times with a cancer diagnosis (breast).
You need to add excellent to your yes and no questions.
Everyone was so kind and compassionate. Radiation is scary but they took the fear away.
I am writing this letter along with your survey because your survey does not nearly have enough space for me to tell you how wonderfully I was treated in your facility. From the first moment I was there, until my last treatment, I was treated with dignity, respect, and true “caring.” I actually looked forward to my treatments every day, simply becaue of how wonderful your staff treated me, and my family. Jeanette, Carol Rae, Nicole, Shannon, Alisha, Dan, Anna, Vivian, Patty & Jim are a great team, and you should feel privileged to have them. I apologize for the poor handwriting, I still have mild tremors that make using a keyboard nearly impossible, and writing barely legible. I just wanted to make sure you know how wonderful your staff is. They made this journey I have begun an easier transition than I expected. If you have some sort of “Employee o fthe month, or year, or lifetime” I nominate them all.
My sister and I are very thankful that our mother received such wonderful care.
I really appreciated the friendliness of the staff. They were all great!
Thank you for the comforting and friendly treatment and the loving care. The atmosphere in your office is wonderful. You’re all super people
“I became very close to your staff. Calling these people terrific is an understatement! They treat patients with the utmost respect, dignity and compassion. I offer my personal gratitude for these wonderful, cheerful, optimistic, enthusiastic employees! They ENJOY their work and show it and are the gold standard.”
I wish my staff at {provider name removed} were as attentive as both your front office & therapists. Always ready to help— always a smile… especially noted how well the Techs communicated with me throughout the procedure. Wow great staff you have!
The best team I have worked with during my journey with cancer. Especially Debbie McKibben, Dr. Pittier
Dear Dr. Wang and staff, A note of thanks to let each of you know how very much my family and I sincerely appreciate all of you stepping up to the plate (at the last minute) and helping us navigate these uncharted waters. Dr. Wang, your honest, straight forward style made it very easy for us to understand what my options were and what facility might best serve my needs. Your staff (especially Debbie-Sue) has been very accommodating, extremely helpful and kind and timely in getting information to other Doctors. I am very grateful to each of you for your wonderful care, attention to detail and being there when I needed your assistance and when I needed answers.
D.B. and family